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The infant daughter of a Sydney-based web developer has just made headlines for her predilection for HTML coding. While most toddlers stick to picture books, 17-month old Mia prefers HTML tags on her iPad: she can even identify the tags she has seen on her mother’s computer screen. Mia is obviously a special case, but it's not that uncommon for people in the dev community to begin coding at an early age. Were you a prodigy too?


Hi Lifehacker, I am a major geek and love fixing friends' laptops and phones and designing stuff for them. I've been asked to design a website for a company; I'm only a novice with HTML. How much should I charge to build them a website, considering it's my first time professionally? Thanks, Budding Builder


Google heavily promotes the WebP image format as a means of shrinking online image sizes, but not all graphics programs can easily create it. If you need a WebP image, you can easily create one online using a Google URL hack.


Traditionally, creating presentations require using an app like PowerPoint and can cause various compatibility issues, but with Deck.js you can create and elegant set of slides that can run in any browser either online or off. All it takes is knowledge of basic HTML, and we've created a starter kit to help you put your first deck together in just a few minutes.