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I can't decide if this is a win or a disaster in the making: Telstra will be selling the HTC EVO 3D Android phone from September, and Vodafone is also going to sell the phone "soon". On the plus side, it's a high-powered Android Gingerbread phone with a 4.3 inch screen and an excellent camera. On the minus side, it sports a 3D effect which Gizmodo's reviewer described as so bad he wanted to look away.


If you've recently purchased an HTC Android phone and are planning to migrate data from a BlackBerry to it, you might want to hold off a while. HTC has acknowledged a bug which means SMS messages transferred to the new phone get sent again to their original recipients.


HTC's two latest entry-level Android phones, the Salsa and ChaCha, go on sale through Vodafone from July 6. With both phones being available on contract with no additional handset fees on Vodafone's entry-level 24-month cap plans (the $45 Infinite plan and the $29 standard cap), they are two of the cheaper Gingerbread-running phones out there right now.


If you've ever owned an HTC Android smartphone, you'll know that HTC is pretty tight-fisted when it comes to internal storage, especially when compared with similarly-specced phones from manufacturers such as Motorola and Samsung. What gives?