Grab A Refurbished 32GB HTC One M7 For $US244 (With A Few Provisos)

Grab A Refurbished 32GB HTC One M7 For $US244 (With A Few Provisos)

Good smartphones don’t come cheap, with high-end models easily setting you back $600 or more. If you don’t mind having a slightly older device, bargains can be found on the likes of eBay for superseded models. Take this deal for a refurbished HTC One M7, complete with 32GB of storage, 1080p screen, 1.7GHz processor and 2GB RAM for $280.

That’s Australian dollars — unconverted it’s $US214.99, with an additional $US28.26 for shipping, bringing the total to $US243.25. The handset itself is an unlocked AT&T model, so should work here without any issues. Well, almost any issues, depending on how important 4G is to you.

It should be noted the deal is a bit of a gamble. First off — it’s eBay. Secondly, according to comments over at OzBargain, it’s more than likely the 4G won’t work, due to the differences between Australian and US networks. Finally, you could find yourself on unstable ground when it comes to the warranty, ignoring any guarantees from the seller and eBay’s own protection policies.

If you’re willing to brave these stipulations, you’ll find yourself in possession of an excellent, if older, phone for a great price.

HTC One M7 32GB (Factory Unlocked) 4G LTE with Beat Audio Mobile Phone –FRB– [eBay, via OzBargain and AndroidPolice]


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