You Can Now Report Abusive Twitter Lists In iOS

You Can Now Report Abusive Twitter Lists In iOS

Twitter’s List feature makes it easy to navigate through the platform’s noise, but it comes with one major annoyance—lists are packed with potential for abuse, especially when you find yourself a card-carrying member of others’ “People who suck on Twitter” lists.

How To Reject Someone On Social Media

I have to deal with so much stupid on social media, it makes me want to quit nearly every site I’m on at least once a week. Surely you’ve had this feeling as well — perhaps it’s because of an annoying friend, a trend that refuses to die, or some…

Reporting Abusive DMs On Instagram Is Surprisingly Hard

Harassment and abuse on social media freaking suck. What also sometimes sucks: various platforms’ inability or reluctance to effectively deal with it. But sometimes you’ve got to focus on what you can control and let go of the rest, which in this case means reporting harassment.