Rebecca Fishbein

  • How to Deal With Living in a State of Perpetual Crisis

    How to Deal With Living in a State of Perpetual Crisis

    At this moment, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed by the state of the world. We are facing an unprecedented climate disaster, the impact of which is already causing droughts, famine, flooding, wildfires, and mass extinction events. The political situation on the national and global level feels perpetually tenuous. And we continue to suffer through…

  • What to Do if You See a Ghost

    What to Do if You See a Ghost

    So you’ve had an encounter with a ghost. All of a sudden the air turned cold; a light flickered; a shadowy figure floated in a dark corner; when you asked if you were in the presence of a spirit, the Ouija planchette in your shaking hand dragged itself toward “YES.” Naysayers be damned, you know…

  • How To Break Up With Your Family

    In 2012, April Siese, now 29, ended her relationship with her mother after suffering what she describes as years of emotional and verbal abuse in a household with undiagnosed mental health issues and substance use disorders.

  • How To Write A Condolence Note

    It’s hard to know what to do or say when someone you know loses a person who was close to them. Grief is a scary and amorphous thing, and if you haven’t experienced it, reaching out can feel like overstepping a boundary or reminding someone of something they’re trying to forget.