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  • This Text Adventure Game Feels Like A Lucid Dream

    Artificial intelligence isn’t just for dystopian algorithms; it also makes for creative entertainment, like when this AI wrote beginning sentences for a bunch of nonexistent novels. Now, an AI stands ready to guide you through an old school text adventure game, a game that doesn’t exist until you start trying to play it.

  • How To Play An RPG Anywhere, Any Time

    I used to play in the same Dungeons & Dragons campaign every week. Now my friends and I struggle to arrange a play session every few months. At one point I tried to make it work with another group. We made a six-month Doodle calendar to find one date we could meet. We got together,…

  • To Run A Better D&D Game, Turn On This Netflix Feature

    To Run A Better D&D Game, Turn On This Netflix Feature

    Running a game of Dungeons & Dragons, or any tabletop role-playing game, involves telling your players what they see. Players rely on you to give a sense of tone and ambience, but also to point out anything interesting or relevant to their quest. But they also need you to leave them room to ask and…