Excel For iOS Can Now Use Pictures To Populate Data

Excel For iOS Can Now Use Pictures To Populate Data
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Earlier this year, Excel for Android gained the ability to create a table by allowing you to take a photo of some data. The app uses OCR to recognise that and pop all the information into a spreadsheet. That feature has finally made its way into Excel for iOS.

Although the application of this feature is quite narrow, it can be very handy. For example, when I was a student, I’d often have access to paper journals and want to play with the data in articles, or reproduce them (with appropriate citations of course!) as references in my own assignments.

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And there are plenty of times when we see data in presentations or receive documents when we’d like to grab data for later review.

This feature would have made that process far easier. The range of data Excel can recognise and process includes financial spreadsheets, work schedules, task lists and timetables. If the data is in a table, Excel can handle it.

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The new feature is available now through the App Store. Android users can access Excel for the Google Play Store.

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