Domino’s Is Making Vegan Beef A Reality

You’re about to order pizza for your friends during a night in but a few of your friends don’t eat meat or cheese. To keep them fed, you opt to grab a few vegan-suitable options but what if we told you there was another way?

Vegans don’t have to awkwardly force their meat-hungry mates ditch meat around them anymore because Domino’s has just announced they’re introducing plant-based meat options and you won’t need a secret menu to get them.

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The plant-based alternative will be available for meaty pizza favourites like Beef & Onion, Beef Taco Fiesta and even the damn Beef Loaded Burger. Made from soy protein, the plant-based beef has no artificial colours and is somehow lower in saturated fat and higher in protein.

Global Development Chef Michael Treacy said Domino’s worked with Australian companies to create a unique meat replacement.

“Our plant-based ingredients were created especially for us and can’t be found anywhere else on the planet,” Treacy said in a media release.

“We tried and tested hundreds of flavours and variations from around the world before settling on a plant-based ‘beef’ which has a similar taste and texture to our existing beef.”

You can sink your teeth into the plant-based range when it’s available for customers from September.

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