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Since the start of 2020, three Democratic presidential hopefuls have dropped out of the presidential race, including New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julián Castro, and author Marianne Williamson—making the current lineup of candidates smaller than ever. Accordingly, just six Democratic candidates will appear on stage tonight in Des Moines, Iowa for the seventh debate of the race so far, co-hosted by CNN and the Des Moines Register.


Your neighbour is telling you about his new baby. He feels nervous about vaccinating, and says he’s considering delaying Lucy’s vaccines. Your mother’s group is chatting about vaccines. One mother tells the group Jimmy isn’t vaccinated, and she’s using the Immune-Strengthening Diet instead.


The best way to win an argument with an arsehole is to ignore them completely. But that’s not always possible. Sometimes you need to convince someone to stop arguing and physically move away, or you need to de-escalate an argument with someone you need to co-exist with. Sometimes you need to quash a very bad idea before it catches on. When you really have to argue with an arsehole, says lawyer Ryann Meer, you have to argue like an arsehole.


In case you had better things to do last Friday, we've got the rundown of everything you need to know about day two of the U.S. democratic debate. Here's some highlights: South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg called out the “hypocrisy” of the Republican Party, author Marianne Williamson discussed “love” as her campaign’s greatest weapon, and California Senator Kamala Harris took on Vice President Joe Biden in the most contentious argument of the night.


Thursday was the first of two U.S. Democratic presidential debates taking place in Miami, and a whole lot happened. While Australians might not care much for U.S. politics, there were some interesting developments along the way. Beto O’Rourke argued with fellow Texas Congressmember Julián Castro over immigration, Senator Elizabeth Warren finally endorsed Medicare for all, and a few candidates shined in their first introduction to a national audience - while others struggled to make their voice heard in a sea of candidates.


The final US presidential is set to kick off in Las Vegas (where else?) on October 20 as 12pm. This will be the last chance for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to convince US voters (and the world at large) that they are the best choice for the highest office in the land. With Trump still battling sexual harassment allegations and Clinton mired in dubious Wall Street connections, expect plenty of fireworks. Stuck at work? Here's how to watch the debate online and for free.


US presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will return to the debate stage today and the resulting clash is expected to be nothing short of titanic. With the Trump camp still reeling from a leaked 2005 video in which Trump openly discusses using his fame to grope women, it's going to be an interesting debate to say the least. Stuck at work? Here's how to watch the debate online and for free.


It looks like Australia's third election debate will be conducted on Facebook, with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull snubbing a proposed Sky News debate for "the media of our time". Opposition leader Bill Shorten has since accepted the invitation. Originally proposed to take place on pay TV, the move to social media should see more Australians have access to the debate. The notable exceptions are the technology shy, people with bad internet connections and anyone who hates Facebook.


While internet arguments so often seem unwinnable, a team of researchers at Cornell University think they have come up with the ideal formula for changing someone's mind -- thanks to two years worth of posts on the ChangeMyView subreddit.