How To Watch The Third US Presidential Debate In Australia

How To Watch The Third US Presidential Debate In Australia

The final US presidential is set to kick off in Las Vegas (where else?) on October 20 as 12pm. This will be the last chance for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to convince US voters (and the world at large) that they are the best choice for the highest office in the land. With Trump still battling sexual harassment allegations and Clinton mired in dubious Wall Street connections, expect plenty of fireworks. Stuck at work? Here’s how to watch the debate online and for free.

The debate kicks off Thursday, October 20 at 12PM AEDT (that’s 11AM in Queensland, 11.30am in South Australia and 9AM in WA.) Fox News anchor Chris Wallace will be moderating the debate which will follow the same format as the first one.

The debate will cover six major topics which have been selected by the moderator. Each candidate will be given two minutes to respond to a question and further time to respond to each other to generate deeper discussion.

As you’d expect from such a historically important topic, the debate is being covered live by a multitude of news outlets, both in the US and Australia. Here are some of the easiest ways to watch:

  • Trump vs Clinton on free-to-air TV: You can watch the US presidential debate on Channel 7, Channel Nine, SBS or ABC. All free-to-air broadcasts will be live and commercial-free. Coverage of the debate starts at 12PM AEDT.
  • Trump vs Clinton on Pay TV: You can watch the US presidential debate on Sky News Live and the Sky News Election Channel via a Foxtel subscription. Sky News Live’s coverage will start with local pre-debate analysis at 11:30AM fronted by David Speers, Peter van Onselen and Kristina Keneally.
  • Trump vs Clinton on YouTube: Watch the US presidential debate on YouTube with coverage by NBC.
  • Trump vs Clinton on Twitter: Watch the US presidential debate on Twitter with coverage by Bloomberg.
  • Trump vs Clinton on Facebook: Watch on Facebook with coverage by ABC.

Nearly every media site is covering the event, so you can pick which network you want to watch on. (Note: while all of the following networks will have a live stream, some may require a US pay TV subscription.)

You can watch the live stream on your phone or set-top box using the YouTube app. You can also catch it on NPR radio if you’d prefer to listen instead of watch. You can listen to NPR via, on Facebook, or through the NPR One apps

Additional reporting by Eric Ravencraft.


  • Watch the debate? And wallow in the fact that the best case scenario for Americans now is four years of trump… so depressing…

  • You pretty much nailed it, until presidential candidates can realistically come from the middle class instead of the top 1% the political system will remain corrupted. Trump may seem stupid but at least he’s not controlling EVERY. SINGLE. MEDIA. OUTLET. NBC, FOX, BBC, even Reddit’s r/politics! I’ve seen nothing but pro Hillary propoganda from them all. Even the SNL sketches ONLY POKE AT TRUMP. You might think that it’s not important what SNL does, but when every single major outlet is smearing trump and praising Hillary you’ve got to know something is up. It’s scary how much control money can buy, as long as people believe what they see and hear from the media then the vote will always go to the candidate with the best PR and most money.

    • Did it ever occur to you that the enormous amount of anti-Trump media is due to him being almost universally loathed? It’s not a conspiracy or a coordinated effort…it’s a very large number of individuals the world over expressing their disdain for him. Do you honestly think Hillary has that kind of power? Is she making me write this post at gunpoint?

    • So lets get this straight.

      Anything Pro Hilary – CONSPIRACY! BIAS! FALSE

      Anything pro Trump – HONEST AND FAIR!

      Talk about hypocritical.

      There is no conspiracy, Trump is just an idiot, Everything that comes out of his mouth proves that. If the media was doing the complete opposite would you be claiming its bias against Hilary and a conspiracy against her? No you wouldnt. Thats a double standard right there.

      Stop sooking

  • Watch the debate? Thanks but no thanks. To think that either of these two can potentially become the ‘Leader of the Western World’ leaves me depressed and fearful for the future of humankind.

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