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Microsoft's big October update for Windows 10 is here. If Microsoft hasn't rolled it out to your Windows machine yet, you can force a manual update by simply clicking on your Start button, typing in the word "check," and selecting the "check for updates" option. Click on the grey "Check for updates" box under Windows Update, and it should appear.


Using a "dark mode" on your favourite website, app or operating system feels great. It's perfect for dark rooms or aeroplanes, when you need to conserve your battery a little, or you're just tired of having sore eyes from staring at a screen for hours.


I'm a tremendous fan of dark modes. They're easier on your eyes and your computer's battery, and I think make using sites and apps a lot more pleasant. Unfortunately, not every site offers a dark mode (this one included). However, this week I came across a web extension that can make the magic happen anywhere you want it to.


Dark Mode, a feature that replaces your usual black-on-white display with white-on-black, is easier on the eyes and makes you feel like you own bitcoin. The site Dark Mode List will show you all the macOS apps, iOS apps and websites that support the feature and tells you how to enable each one.


I love using Night Mode for apps and sites whenever possible. Darker colours are easier on your eyes, even during the daytime, and you can even save a little battery power on your laptop or smartphone by trading a bright white screen for something a little more subdued.