• Swap Tomatoes for Peaches, and Make a BLP

    Swap Tomatoes for Peaches, and Make a BLP

    Tomatoes are my favourite summer fruit, quickly followed by peaches. The former gets used in mostly savoury applications, while the latter is relegated to the world of desserts. But peaches are more versatile than you think. Just like a tomato, they’re comfortable with a little burrata and basil, and equally at home sandwiched between two…

  • How To Get Excited About Cooking For Yourself

    “Cooking for one” has an undeserved reputation as the saddest kind of cooking, but have you ever tried cooking for someone that hates tomatoes? No matter your relationship status, you have to eat, and a simple shift in how you view the activity can turn the act of self-preservation into something truly nourishing and entertaining.