The Best Cookbooks of 2022, According to Us (And Our Tastebuds)

The Best Cookbooks of 2022, According to Us (And Our Tastebuds)
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All the best books of the year are out on shelves, so if you’re looking for a new cookbook to splurge on or gift to a friend then we’re proud of present the best cookbooks of 2022. From a debut recipe book made by a world-famous Aussie croissanterie to Yottom Ottolenghi’s flavoursome new cookbook, there’s a little something for everyone in this year’s top five.

The best cookbooks of 2022

Best vegetarian recipe book – Tenderheart by Hetty Lui McKinnon

Best books 2022: Tenderheart
Image: Plum

About the cookbook:

Part cookbook, part story, Tenderheart will teach you new, creative ways to combine different vegetables into delicious dishes, while also discussing the unbreakable bonds of family, love and friendship.

McKinnon herself is Australia’s salad queen, so expect plenty of interesting recipes to spice up your office lunch such as broccoli wontons, southern fried mushrooms, and spiced pumpkin doughnuts. If 2023 is the year you decide to undergo a vegetarian lifestyle, then you won’t get far without McKinnon’s ultimate veggie bible.

Where to buy: Amazon ($39.96) | Booktopia ($41.95) | eBay ($39.99) | QBD ($59.99)

Best for desserts or sweet treats – Lune by Kate Reid

Best cookbooks 2022: Lune by Kate Reid
Image: Hardie Grant

About this cookbook:

Lune Croissanterie first started out in Melbourne in 2012 and now has worldwide acclaim for selling one of the best croissants in the world (at least according to The New York Times).

Customers will queue up around the block to get a taste of these croissants and big food names including Ottolenghi and Nigella Lawson rave about this place. So it’s no surprise that the croissanterie’s debut cookbook is one of this year’s must-have recipe books. It’s not all just croissants though, there’s also lemon curd muffins, a spring pea and goat’s cheese danish and a spiced cauliflower bearclaw.

Where to buy: Amazon ($39) | Booktopia ($39.95) | eBay ($43.95) | QBD ($45)

Best flavours – Ottolenghi Test Kitchen: Extra Good Things by Yottom Ottolenghi and Noor Murad

Image: Ebury

About the cookbook:

If you’re willing to get a little experimental in the kitchen, or you’re a foodie who loves a good twist, then you’ll want to grab an Ottolenghi cookbook.

It’s no surprise that Ottolenghi has developed quite the cult following, with his annual cookbooks selling out in droves. The best part about Ottolenghi’s recipes is that each one is packed with flavour, from tumeric fried eggs to a fun parmigiana pie.

Where to buy: Amazon ($29) | Booktopia ($29.95) | eBay ($34.99) | QBD ($39.99)

Best cookbook for spicing things up – Mezcla by Ixta Belfrage

Image: Ebury

About the cookbook:

You might recall Belfrage from her collab with Ottolenghi Flavour, but this time around she’s ready to debut her own cookbook, MEZCLA: Recipes to Excite.  In the same vein as Ottolenghi’s recipes, Belfrage is fixated on both fusion and flavour-packed dishes.

Inside this cookbook, you’ll find her take on classic meals such as curry with a whole roast chicken curry with crispy curry leaves and prawn lasagna instead of your average mince-filled one. Make sure you check out her sweet and savoury chicken bake – we’ve dubbed it a certified party in your mouth.

Where to buy: Amazon ($39.96) | Booktopia ($40.75) | eBay ($44.99) | QBD ($39.99)

The best cookbook of 2022 (for us) – RecipeTin Eats: Dinner by Nagi Maehashi

Best books 2022: RecipeTin Eats
Image: Macmillan Australia

About the cookbook:

Since 2022 saw almost everybody return to work, the need for cheap and easy midweek recipes arose. If you’ve ever gone searching for a tasty new recipe to try, you would’ve likely stumbled across Nagi Maehashi, better known on the web as Recipe Tin Eats.

In her latest cookbook, which is positively brimming with addictive recipes, you’ll learn to make delectable eats including a homemade, fall-apart butter chicken, chocolate cake and the nachos of your dreams. Each page also features a little QR code in the bottom corner so you can scan it and watch a cooking tutorial by Maehashi herself.

If there’s one cookbook you’re going to pick up this year, make it this one.

Where to buy: Amazon ($24) | Booktopia ($26.95) | eBay ($30.99) | QBD ($35)


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