Find And Share New Recipes With This Open Source Cookbook

Cooking at home is one of the few activities that most of the population can engage in right now, which means it has taken on even more significance than usual. It is not enough to feed your body (so you go on living), you must nourish, you must uplift, you must connect. But all of this important cooking could very well lead to recipe fatigue, which is why this straightforward open source cookbook is (to me, at least) a gust of fresh air.

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It’s exactly what it sounds like—a free open source cookbook (both online and in PDF form) that you can both submit recipes to and get new recipes from.

The recipes are simple, but not boring, and almost all of them fit on a single page. You’ll see some nice photos, and read exactly one personal essay (provided to lend context to a recipe). There are recipes for soups, sandwiches, breads, pickles, desserts, and drinks, but the overarching theme is people sharing recipes that are dear to them, which makes for a very enjoyable cookbook. If you have such a recipe, share it!

As so many food publications are quick to point out in these isolating times: cooking is communal, and while sharing a recipe won’t change the fact that you haven’t felt the touch of another in three weeks (unless you have a live-in partner, lucky you), it might make you feel a little better. (If that doesn’t work, try the bourbon cake.)


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