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The online shoppers of Australia have perused Amazon's offerings. And they have found them wanting. With very few exceptions, the deals on TVs, laptops and other gadgets have been hugely underwhelming. The cake was a lie.

If you're looking to pick up some Blu-rays or video games for Christmas though, Amazon is well worth a look. In fact, it has some of the cheapest prices in Australia. Here are a few stocking-stuffers for your consideration.


If you've ever worked the Christmas rush in a retail position, you'll know how painful it can be. December means usually a full month of twelve hour shifts, difficult customers and terrible Christmas CDs on a loop. For all your friends working in retail this year, try putting together a retail survival kit that shows you sympathise with their pain instead of bombarding them with yet more tacky Christmas cheer.


The NSW government has updated its laws around Boxing Day trading after years of arbitrary location-dependent closures. Under the new laws, any store may open for trade on Boxing day -- but the government wants to make sure that no one is coerced to work on this public holiday.