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Now that we're past the busy period between when school holidays start and we have Christmas and New Years events to fill in the days, many families are struggling with keeping the younger members of the family busy. The ongoing chorus of "I'm bored" is being sung loudly across the land. So, what can we do to fill in the last three weeks before school holidays end without breaking the bank?


Beachcombing for rare and beautiful seashells is a popular pastime for many Australians. But have you ever stopped to consider the legalities of your collection?

Contrary to popular belief, you can't just pick up and take home any shell that takes your fancy. Here are some of the rules you need to follow.

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Stings from a Portuguese man o' war are as common as they are dangerous, yet there's a lack of consensus over the best way to treat these painful pricks. New research published in the journal Toxins reveals that stings from the man o' war (Physalia species) shouldn't be treated any differently than stings from jellyfish, a conclusion that upends conventional wisdom. And no, peeing on yourself is not recommended.


It'll be a while before many people are back at the beach, but it's the end of winter, and right around now is when we'll start to see all the "prepare your beach bod" ads. Once you're there, we want to know: how do you keep your stuff from getting stolen?


Sharks don't really like the taste of people, but their poor vision and the splashing of beachgoers can lead to sharks confusing you for a tasty snack. Here's what you should do if you see a fin and the Jaws theme starts playing.