These Are Australia’s Best Beaches In 2020

Summer in Australia can’t be separated from a few good trips to your closest beach. For some, it’s a quick walk or bus ride away, for others it’s a bit of a road trip. Either way, the great thing about Australia is that while you can certainly rate specific beaches as more aesthetic, pretty much all of them are A+ quality. With that said, here are the best of the best.

Certified beach expert, Brad Farmer dropped his annual list of best beaches in December 2019 for this year. It contains 101 beaches across Australia in each state and territory apart from the ACT. But this year’s list was not without controversy. It does away with the stereotype of using coastal beaches only and includes lakes and river beaches.

“The Wagga Riverside Beach experience transcends the definition of a beach anywhere across this vast sunburnt country,” Farmer said on his blog about the inclusion of Wagga Wagga.

“Wagga… is now christened as Australia’s first-ever officially recognised freshwater inland ‘beach’. Free from sharks, clean and green, Wagga is not only the biggest city in regional NSW but one of the friendliest.”

As for other inclusions, Cabarita Beach in northeastern NSW tops the list with Queensland’s Currumbin Beach in second, a 30-minute drive north.

The rest of the top 20 list includes:

  1. Cabarita Beach (Tweed Coast, NSW)
  2. Currumbin Beach (Gold Coast, QLD)
  3. Minnamurra Beach (South Coast, NSW)
  4. Maria Island (east coast of TAS)
  5. Cape Tribulation (northeast QLD)
  6. Brighton Beach (Melbourne, VIC)
  7. Betty’s Beach (Rainbow Coast, WA)
  8. Southport Beach (Port Noarlunga, SA)
  9. Wagga Riverside Beach (Wagga Wagga, NSW)
  10. Lake McKenzie (Fraser Island, QLD)
  11. The Basin (Rottnest Island, WA)
  12. Fingal Bay (Port Stevens, NSW)
  13. Smith’s Beach (Margaret River, WA)
  14. Neds Beach (Lord Howe Island, NSW)
  15. Quobba Station (Red Bluff, WA)
  16. Cossies Beach (Cocos Islands)
  17. Lake Tyers (East Gippsland, VIC)
  18. Diamond Head (NSW)
  19. Pondalowie (Yorke Peninsula, SA)
  20. Killiecrankie Beach (Flinders Island, TAS)

If you haven’t been to single one of them, 2020 could be the year you do it. Tourism Australia has just announced its encouraging Australians to holiday within the country this year in order to boost the bushfire’s impact on domestic tourism.

“We are currently in the middle of the peak summer period and we’re already seeing an impact on tourism as people delay or cancel their travel plans, including to areas that haven’t been directly affected,” Tourism Australia’s managing director Phillipa Harrison said in a media release.

“That is why we are asking people to commit to holidaying in their own backyard this year — whether it’s a drive up the coast, taking a trip interstate, or ticking off a bucket list destination — and to spread the word that Australia is ready to welcome more travellers.”

Keep that in mind when you’re booking your next much-needed holiday.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”” title=”Keep Your Beach Umbrella From Flying Away With This Trick” excerpt=”Illustration: Sam Woolley (GMG) There’s still one month till summer, and if you’ve been listening to your more sun-sensitive friends at the beach, or had to go out to buy aloe on one too many occasions, it might have occurred to you to invest in a beach umbrella.
Follow your intuition on this; a beach umbrella is a great investment in your skin’s future. But you may have also noticed that at least once a weekend there’s someone running down the beach, chasing an open umbrella that has caught a strong breeze and is suddenly on the lam.”]


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