How Do You Keep Your Stuff Safe On The Beach?

How Do You Keep Your Stuff Safe On The Beach?

It’ll be a while before many people are back at the beach, but it’s the end of winter, and right around now is when we’ll start to see all the “prepare your beach bod” ads. Once you’re there, we want to know: how do you keep your stuff from getting stolen?

Photo by Chris Yunker.

Surely there’ll be some experienced Aussie tricks out there to be mined.

If you’re in a group, it’s easy enough to have one person stay behind and keep an eye on keys, clothes, and whatever else, but that’s not always doable. Over on at The New York Times, they asked readers for input, but their suggestions are a little bland. I’m sure we can beat them. So, we want to know, what do you do to keep your belongings safe?


  • I go stuff-light. Abstinence is the best form of prevention. Leave my phone and wallet in the car, take a pair of cheap sunnies (picked mine up from vinnies for $5) and then you can be stress free. I tell the important people that I’m gonna be unreachable for a few hours and enjoy the beach.

    I’ve seen people do all sorts of stuff – like take a zip lock bag, throw their phone in it and bury it under their towel – but why do I need my phone at the beach?

  • Anything valuable goes at the bottom of the bag. Bag stays with a group member if there’s a group, or in sight at all times if there’s not.

  • I try to have a zip-pocket in my swimwear that can hold a key and our lovely plastic currency.

    Unfortunately new electronic car-keys are not helping this exercise.

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