• The Edge-Lit LED Workspace

    The Edge-Lit LED Workspace

    Devin‘s workspace is packed with beautiful, colour-changing LED strips, and the effect looks great. He has three displays, a gorgeous framed, illuminated view of the Carina nebula, and an aquarium in his workspace, and we’re jealous.

  • The All Watercooled, Glass-Top Workspace

    The All Watercooled, Glass-Top Workspace

    Over on the battlestations subreddit, Sarne shared this beautiful setup with a side-by-side computers in a custom desk with an open top and LEDs so you can see the inside. The whole thing is just beautiful.

  • The All-White Vertical Workspace

    The All-White Vertical Workspace

    We’ve seen awesome single-colour workspaces, but if that’s just too much trouble, you can still appreciate the simplicity in a space like this one. Lifehacker reader pljohns built this cubby workspace that reaches up, not out, and still manages to keep everything well lit and organised.

  • The ‘Mounted Everything’ Workspace

    The ‘Mounted Everything’ Workspace

    Lainz‘s setup is unique in a few ways, one of which that he has a pair of speakers mounted to monitor arms just above his displays. Really offers that whole surround sound feel. Beyond that though, the setup has a few more neat surprises in store. Here are some more photos.