The Secret Wooden Workspace

The Secret Wooden Workspace

Steven Wilke‘s basement video production and editing studio is wood paneled, all hand-designed and built, and looks fantastic. He pulled that basement space back to the walls to build the workspace of his dreams, and the finished product definitely shows.

When he’s working professionally, Steven goes by High Wheel Productions, if you’re wondering what the old timey bike inlaid on the wall is all about. In fact, he even has a Flickr video of the whole renovation and setup, from the selection of the wood for his desk, the great reuse of pallets and reclaimed wood for the space, and even the way he laid down LED strips along the walls and then covered it with frosted plastic to give the space a glowing-but-adjustable and dimmable look.

As for the tech, here’s what he uses:

Here is my video production studio I’ve been working on. It started as a concrete room that we were using as storage in the cellar. I designed and built it all myself with mostly recycled wood from pallets, old shelves and other wood that was used for something else. Some of the wood I used was built as something over 75 years ago, and is now part of my studio. I kept with the hidden in the cellar theme and made a secret door that’s a shelf.

Monitors include a Dell 24″ Vertical 1920×1200, Dell 34″ Curved 3440×1440 and a Asus 27″ 2560×1440. The audio is run on balanced cables from a Tascam 2×2 to PreSonus 4.5″ then a 10″ sub under the desk for maximum frequency reproduction. The lights are controlled independently so when video editing, they can dim to 10% light.

Here’s a closer shot of just his desk setup and gear below:

The Secret Wooden Workspace

All in all, it’s a basement workspace anyone could love, and certainly one that makes me feel like I could get some creative work done in. Barring its lack of windows (which makes sense since it’s a basement), it’s pretty sharp. Of course, unless you don’t like wood, in which case I guess you’re out of luck.

The Secret Studio [Flickr]

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