The All-White Vertical Workspace

The All-White Vertical Workspace
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We’ve seen awesome single-colour workspaces, but if that’s just too much trouble, you can still appreciate the simplicity in a space like this one. Lifehacker reader pljohns built this cubby workspace that reaches up, not out, and still manages to keep everything well lit and organised.

The shot at the top of the article here is in good light. pljohns actually has some softer, more blue lighting for those nights that demand you work into the evening. You can check it out below — the photo notes say that pljohns is using a Philips Hue Bloom to get that blue effect, and you can actually see the light right there in the center of the workspace.

So this is all well and good, but how does he keep the cables and everything at the bottom from looking like a nightmare? Check the photo below, taken with the flash on: there’s a small drawer right under the desk surface for all the tech and gear, including the router, USB hub, external hard drives, power strip, Mac Mini and other assorted cables and connectors.

That’s not all though, this photo shows off the sweet coffee poster hanging in the upper right there, and this one gives us a glimpse of that autographed football and the bookshelf that it lives on. All in all, it’s well organised, and nicely set up, especially for being a DIY space. If you like what you see, let pljohns know via the link below!

pljohns [Flickr]