The Deceptively Simple Workspace

The Deceptively Simple Workspace

Redditor mrrej89 posted this beautiful workspace to the Battlestations subreddit. At first blush, it’s simple, almost a little boring, but then you look more closely at the details — from the lamp to the keyboard to the monitor stand to the bookshelf, it’s simple, but all well done and well built.

There are tons of shots of the whole space in the Imgur gallery (linked below) but the thread (also linked below) is where he explains where most of the gear on his desk comes from. The leather upholstery he added to the desk fits beautifully with the wood (he says he did this so he didn’t need a mat,) and he’s rocking a pair of headphones that are some of my personal favourites, the AKG K553 Pros. Here’s another shot of the workspace with the shelving in it:

The Deceptively Simple Workspace

Even the monitor stand, a $US54 ($69) SIlverstone aluminium unibody stand is carefully considered for the space. The mouse is obviously Steelseries, but the keyboard is another one I can vouch for, the Cooler Master NovaTouch TKL, which I’ve used and loved (mechanical, but nice and quiet thanks to the custom silencing around the switches.) He even has custom keycaps.

And a wider shot he shared further down the thread that shows off the real beauty of those bookshelves:

The Deceptively Simple Workspace

Also, if you like the art in his workspace, you can grab a print and support the artist, Hidden Moves, at his web site here. All in all, it’s a really sharp look. Deceptively minimal and simple, but every piece and part is considered and thought over so it combines perfectly — and it suits mrrej89 nicely. For tons more photos, hit the link below and check out the full gallery.

Wood and Leather [Imgur via Reddit]

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