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We all know about avocados - delicious, green, creamy, expensive, irresistible to hipsters and guaranteed to keep you from buying a house. But have you ever stopped to question just why an avocado is called an avocado? The answer, perhaps unsurprisingly, has to do with humanity's unending obsession with genitalia.


Thanks to their delicious, creamy nature, avocados are slippery little buggers, and freeing the pit from their buttery flesh can be tricky. If you know what you're doing however, you can remove the pit quickly (and safely) in no time.


I don't know about you, but I am experiencing avocado toast fatigue. There's nothing wrong with it, but this nation-wide obsession is clouding our brains and preventing us from realising other delicious avocado applications. If you need help getting out of your avo-toast rut, we can help. Here are five new and exciting ways to get more avocados into your life and mouth, none of which involve a toaster or tortilla chips.