5 Little Things You Can Do to Be Kinder to the Earth

5 Little Things You Can Do to Be Kinder to the Earth
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I think almost all of us can agree that we can be doing a little bit more when it comes to preserving what’s left of Earth.

And while no one’s asking you to stop moving and breathing to avoid pollution at all costs, here are just a few ways that you can do your part. It also requires the bare minimum, which is a bonus.

Consider the services you use

Helping the planet doesn’t just stop at red and yellow bins.

Almost everything we use – be it the dishwasher, light bulbs or car – can contribute to the Earth’s demise if we’re not choosing carefully.

Often, we’ll be completely unaware of the harm we’re doing simply by choosing a particular phone or internet provider. It is 2022, however, so this has changed somewhat.

New phone plan companies like felix mobile are taking all of this into account, and, without sacrificing your data or paying a tonne more, they’re making it easier for you to minimise your carbon footprint.

felix mobile offers unlimited mobile data at speeds up to 20Mbps which is more than enough for what you’d use your phone for day to day. Plus, it’s just $35 a month and there’s a positive catch: the phone plan is carbon neutral, powered by 100% renewable electricity and plants one tree for every month you’re with them.

Unlimited data at speeds up to 20Mbps for $35 a month and you’re inadvertently planting trees just by perusing Reddit? Sold.

Get an accountability buddy

Do you live in a sharehouse where half of you are more environmentally-conscious than others? Time to take those slackers to task.

If you happen to be someone who hasn’t given the ol’ planet dying much thought up until recently (guilty), it might be time to assign yourself an accountability buddy.

Essentially, you find someone who’s all about the environment and ask them to pull you up on your slack behaviour. If you haven’t washed a milk bottle before putting it in the recycling, you best believe your accountability buddy will tell you about it.

Speaking of…

Actually clean your recyclables

Were you aware that, if your recyclables are dirty or have leftover food/drink in them when they go to the recycling plant, they’re unlikely to be recycled? Now you do.

Before popping your recyclables in the yellow bin (or whatever colour your recycling bin is), make sure they’ve been cleaned of any residue.

Be vigilant at the supermarket

Has anyone seen those peeled eggs in a plastic carton? Oh, how infuriating it is. Eggs come in their own natural casing, there’s no need to peel them and drape them in plastic.

The point is that when you’re doing your grocery shopping, keep an eye out for unnecessary packaging. On top of that, bring your own bags with you so you don’t have to fork out 15 cents for even more plastic to be cluttering your home.

All it requires is a little forethought.

Give the nearest tree a little kiss

Are there any studies out there that prove trees don’t appreciate affection? Didn’t think so. Will you look weird to passing cars if they spot you smooching a tree? Oh, absolutely. But what’s more important, the tree’s feelings or your ego?

Think about it.

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