5 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Person Who Has Everything

5 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Person Who Has Everything
This article is sponsored by Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation.

Everyone has that friend or family member who seemingly owns everything except the North Pole. While it’s impressive that they’ve hit an overly comfortable stage in life, it’s also incredibly frustrating when it comes to Christmas time.

Just what exactly do you get for the person who has everything? Coal? Surely they don’t own coal?

Not to fret though, we’ve put together a list of ideas that said gift-receiver might not own or may not have considered. Christmas is saved.

1. A virtual Chrissy present

If your gift receiver isn’t the material type (which they shouldn’t be, as they already own all of the materials), have you considered a virtual pressie that makes a genuine difference?

If you head on over to Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation’s Light Up Xmas Appeal, there’s an option to donate to buy a cute virtual Christmas decoration and in return, your giftee’s name and a message from you pops up on a little bauble hanging on the virtual tree, with the aim to give sick kids a brighter Christmas.

Truth be told, a virtual Christmas tree might just trump a real one – there’s no mess to clean up, you don’t have to cram it back in a box and your cat won’t accidentally knock it over when it lunges for a real-life bauble.

That’s the kind of Christmas cheer we’re about.

2. A star

While it’s not necessarily a secret that you can buy people a star, the novelty has far from worn off. Just think, somewhere out there in the universe, your loved one will have a star flying through space.

Granted, a lot of the distant stars we can see have already burnt out, but that’s hardly the point. I would, however, reconsider using this idea if your giftee works for NASA.

3. A small block of land in the UK

If you know of a person who deserves the title of Lord or Lady, this could in fact be the perfect gift.

You might need to do a little research, however apparently if you buy a piece of land in certain parts of the UK, you’re eligible to receive the title of Lord or Lady.

Cost-wise, it could be a little bit expensive, so this might be one of those group present ideas.

4. A photo album

Nothing screams sentimental more than a personalised photo album.

Even if you aren’t the closest of friends or family with the person you’re buying for, surely you have enough photos together to pad out a small photo album. If you don’t, simply use funny photos of just them and write cute captions underneath.

Should you opt for this idea, definitely choose the physical photo album over a digital one. It’s so much more personal to give someone a physical gift that you’ve spent time, effort and ink on.

5. A long hug

You’ll probably have to get them something else too, but often, all people need is a good, long hug. The longer the better. Hug them for so long that they start sobbing, that’s when you know you’ve hit the sweet spot.

Let the festive season begin.

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