7 Cheap Kmart Products That’ll Revamp Your Kitchen on a Budget

7 Cheap Kmart Products That’ll Revamp Your Kitchen on a Budget

You’ve probably noticed we’ve been a bit obsessed with Kmart lately. We apologise, but we can’t help it if the budget retailer is selling some of the hottest items around right now and we just want to tell you about them. Case in point, Kmart’s home range has come with some items that have the potential to completely revitalise your kitchen without breaking the bank.

The top kitchen products you can find at Kmart Australia

Cast Iron Pot, $30

kmart Kitchen dupe cast iron

Having a decent baking dish is an important part of every kitchen. You may be familiar with the high-end range of Le Creuset cast iron pots, but did you know that Kmart has a budget version?

Kmart’s 4L Cast Iron Pot has the same aesthetic appeal as Le Creuset and does the same job but at a fraction of the price. It’ll set you back just $30.

Read more here.

3-Tier Floor Caddy, $15

kmart kitchen hack

The Kmart Caddy is a kitchen item that has been going viral online thanks to a nifty hack that creates heaps of extra storage space in your kitchen. On its own the Caddy is already a useful storage solution, but if you buy two of them and pair them with a piece of wood you’ve built yourself a complete shelf system in your kitchen.

One caddy costs $15, and you can find it here.

Air Fryer, $69

kmart kitchen products
Image: Kmart Australia

Look, we know the praises for the air fryer have already been sung. But if for some reason you haven’t outfitted your kitchen with an air fryer, Kmart offers some of the best. For under $100, an air fryer can do all the same things an oven does but with quicker and crispier results.

Check out the range here.

Non-Stick Grill Plate, $45

kmart kitchen products
Image: Kmart Australia

If you’ve always dreamed of barbequing but perhaps don’t have the space or budget for a full-blown BBQ set-up, Kmart’s Non-Stick Grill Plate is the perfect solution for your kitchen. The non-stick cooking plate has variable temperature control and a removable drip trap, giving you all the benefits of a barbeque without taking up a tonne of space. It’ll only set you back $45.

Find it here.

Mudyin Ngurrawa Wood Serve Board, $12

Image: Kmart Australia

If you’re entertaining guests, it’s always nice to whip out a cheese board and feel fancy for the evening. Kmart’s new Mudyin Ngurrawa Wood Serve Board lets you do that for cheap. For just $12, the cheese board offers a stylish place to house your snacks.

Read about it here.

Over the Door Basket Organiser, $29

Image: Kmart Australia

When it comes to maximising storage for cheap in your kitchen, an over-the-door hanger is so simple and effective. Kmart sells these in a range of sizes, but this one for $29 makes for a perfect pantry addition that will help you store all your spices, condiments or other kitchen supplies.

Read more about it here.

Dumpling Press, $1.75 each

Image: iStock/Kmart Australia

It’s the little things that can make a big difference in a kitchen, and if you’re a fan of the humble dumpling, you can’t go past Kmart’s dumpling press. The little kitchen accessories cost under $2 for a set and will give you perfectly pressed dumplings every time, saving a lot of time and wasted energy.

Buy them here.

Once you’re done with your kitchen, you can also find a guide to supplies for your next holiday with these top Kmart travel products.

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