What Does 2 More Weeks of Mercury in Retrograde Mean For Your Love Life?

What Does 2 More Weeks of Mercury in Retrograde Mean For Your Love Life?

In case you weren’t already aware, Mercury is currently in retrograde, and the Nothern Hemisphere was just treated to a full solar eclipse. We’re in the middle of a pretty interesting cosmic period, so if you’re wondering what the Mercury retrograde and eclipse season mean for your dating life, we’re here to offer some guidance. (Just don’t take this too seriously, it’s all just a bit of fun, really.)

According to Bumble, a healthy curiosity in the world of astrology is a pretty positive thing in dating. The app reports that those who use an astrology badge on their profiles get a massive 78 per cent more matches than those who don’t. We chatted with Bumble’s resident astrologer, Emma Vidgen, who shared her thoughts on what Mercury retrograde could mean for your love life, as well as some musings on the impact of the recent solar eclipse. Here’s what she said.

What does Mercury in retrograde and the recent eclipse mean for dating?

Vidgen explained that due to the mix of two major astro events, this time of year “promises to be even more interesting than usual”. Regarding Mercury retrograde specifically, she shared that this event “ushers in a season of miscommunications, confusion and crossed wires” – so tread carefully.

She also highlighted that the period has likely been especially intense for anyone experiencing their Saturn return: “Anyone born January – March 1995, I’m looking at you!” In a nutshell, you can expect frustration and chaos until the end of this wild period.

Eclipse season, which wrapped up on April 9, brought a time of reflection and change, she shared.

“It’s [Eclipse season is] always an exciting point in the astro calendar because eclipses are synonymous with beginnings and endings,” she shared. “This is a time of heightened energy where longer-term storylines in our lives often reach a dramatic turning point.”

So, if you’ve felt like the last few weeks have brought “big developments”, that could have been eclipse season at work.

“The things that are not meant to come with you will fall away, while new shoots will spring up without any effort,” she continued.

Additionally, Mercury retrograde in Aries has been in effect since April 2, and this will continue until April 25, 2024. According to Vidgen, this means that you might be more likely to “put your foot in it” right now.

If you’re wondering what the best course of action is here, the astrologer shared that, “Your best approach is to be extra considered with your words”.

“Check that what you mean is truly coming across and couldn’t be misconstrued some other way. This is a time when saying things flippantly could be blown out of proportion.”

Which, to be fair, is reasonable advice for any time of the year…

She continued, sharing that it’s also worth having a little extra patience for people right now. Everyone is seemingly going through it.

“In relationships and dating, my advice is that this is a time to give people the benefit of the doubt. If you’re dating something new and they’re coming off a little spicy, hear them out – they may be having their own Mercury retrograde moment,” she said.

“Aries’ energy is always in a hurry but this is a time to expect things to take longer than usual, resist the urge to jump to conclusions and get comfortable with ambiguity. We’ll be dealing with this stuff until May! Despite how it might feel or how other people might be pressuring you, you are under NO obligation to make a snap decision right now. Take your time. Sit with it. If you’re not sure, sleep on it.”

All in all, she advised that everyone takes a slowly slowly approach to the next few weeks, and hopefully you’ll emerge from Mercury in Retrograde, and the recent eclipse season, unscathed.

However, if it’s all a bit too chaotic for you right now, she jud suggest giving Bumble Snooze Mode a try. It allows you to “hit pause on your matches and profile, giving you a breather without losing any connections,” meaning you can pick up where you left off when you’re feeling ready to dive back in.

What is Mercury retrograde, really?

If you’re wondering what’s literally happening with the planets at this time, it’s worth highlighting that Mercury isn’t actually moving backward. The planet going retrograde is an optical illusion, National Geographic highlights. It’s caused by the planets moving at different speeds, and the positions of the planets relative to that of Earth.

This effect happens for all planets, but Mercury will go retrograde multiple times in 2024, so keep this in mind next time you hear it’s coming your way!

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