Can You Really Blame Your Problems On Mercury Being In Retrograde?


Image Credit: NASA, JHU APL, CIW.

Planets can appear to move backward (in a "retrograde" direction) sometimes. That's a fact: Thanks, physics. But this or any other motion of the planets does not influence whether your phone breaks, whether a contract is a bad one to sign, or whether you need to reconnect with an old friend (as today's horoscope tells me I should do). This is astrology, and astrology is the same old garbage it always has been. Sorry.


    *steps away very slowly so as to not antagonise her*

    What about a prograde mercury?

    You might be able to blame your problems on ingested mercury, though.

    I am pretty sure you don't know how Blame actually works.

    You can blame anything or anyone. It doesn't need any justification or actually be true to have an effect on the person who believes it... and honestly it could just be a cry for help of a confused or upset person looking for an answer they desperately need, maybe be less judgemental and ask them if they need help and see the cause for the blame you strongly believe is misguided and see them through it.

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