The Stars Have Aligned with These 8 Zodiac Gifts

The Stars Have Aligned with These 8 Zodiac Gifts
Image: MintedHaus Australia
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There’s something undeniably fulfilling about following astrology. Whether it’s from reading your zodiac sign on the daily or paying extra attention to astronomical events like Mercury going on retrograde, our obsession with star signs stems from a feeling of comfort and wonder.

If you or a friend are into horoscopes then you’ll more than appreciate these gifts, handpicked with the intention of spoiling the astrology lover in your life.

So hold onto your crystals and read on for eight gifts that are sure to leave them looking starry-eyed.

Birthdate Candles, $55

The Birthdate Candle, the perfect zodiac-inspired gift
Image: Birthdate Co.

Personalisation has truly peaked if you can get a candle that depicts your birthdate, a signature scent, your zodiac sign and a list of your strengths and weaknesses.

At Lifehacker Australia, we are obsessed with these Birthdate Candles, which are lovingly hand-poured into reusable mason jars from the US. The Birthdate Co. have created 365 unique candles — one for every day of the year — so that no matter what, there’s a candle that was made just for you. Created from an all-natural coconut and soywax blend, each scent has been developed by master perfumers so that no two candles are the same.

Shop it here for $55 (down from $69).

Birth flower necklace, from $54.78

Birthflower necklaces
Image: CelestialFlowersByB

These handmade birth flower necklaces on Etsy are easy to fall in love with. Each pendant features a flower correlated with the lucky colours of your star sign. For instance if you’re an Aries, you’ll receive a pressed red baby’s breath, or a forget-me-not if you’re shopping for an Aquarius.

The store allows to select both your zodiac sign and then a metal chain to accompany your gift. You have the option to choose between a stainless gold, an 18K or silver plated snake chain, with lengths varying from 18 up to 24-inches long.

Shop it here from $54.78.

A hardcover zodiac book by Stella Andromeda, from $12.75

The Stars Have Aligned with These 8 Zodiac Gifts
Image: Hardie Grant

If you’ve ever wanted a short, tastefully designed book that will tell you everything you need to know about your star sign, these hardcovers will more than satisfy your curiosity.

A collection penned by Stella Andromeda, each book will tell you everything you need to know about your astrological sign and how to harness your inner power. Each volume is jam-packed with crucial advice, from your sex life to your finances so you can get to know yourself a whole lot better.

You can explore the collection and find a gift from your zodiac sign-lover here.

Zodiac-themed oracle cards, $30.79

A deck of oracle cards is a fantastic gift for a zodiac lover
Image: Hay House

What goes hand-in-hand with astrology? Some good old-fashioned oracle cards, that’s what.

Similar to tarot cards, oracle cards tend to be more free-wheeling. That means there’s no set number in a deck, nor any specifically recurring cards. They usually consist of whatever the maker wants them to include and come with a special book that allows the reader to interpret their meaning.

This 56-card deck consists of beautifully designed cards featuring all 12 zodiac signs, the planets, and a number of celestial bodies. Inspired by tattoo art, this deck will allow your giftee to tap into astrology’s most powerful archetypes for simple readings, like their daily horoscope or a new message from the universe.

Shop the Starcode Astro oracle cards here for $30.79 (down from $39.99).

Ceramic star sign mug, $29.98

Zodiac mugs are an easy gift for a loved one
Image: Mintedhaus Australia

If you ask us, one can never have too many mugs. That’s why a mug that comes personalised with their name and zodiac sign is always a solid gift.

These handmade mugs from Etsy are ceramic, both microwave and dishwasher safe, and made from a small business based in Sydney, Australia.

And hey, any mug that reminds you of your dazzling qualities gets a big seal of approval from us.

Shop yours here for $29.98. 

Custom star sign line art, from $11.20

The Stars Have Aligned with These 8 Zodiac Gifts
Image: CreatedByZoeAU

For a stylish personalised gift, buy your friend one of these stunning custom line art prints from Etsy. Each piece will add a minimalistic, contemporary vibe to any room.

All you need to do is specify what type of print you need (you can choose to receive a digital copy for just $11.20 or a large frame for $56), select your zodiac sign then add personalisation for your gift. It’s such a simple yet sentimental gift that can be proudly displayed at home.

Gift one for a zodiac-crazy friend here, starting from $11.20.

A 2022 astrology diary, $14.95

An astrology diary is one of many great gifts for a zodiac lover
Image: Random House US

For a 2022 diary that’s more than just lines on a page, check out this beautiful planner filled with astrological guidance and cosmic insight.

The Astrology Diary 2022 is a uniquely illustrated gift idea with a zodiac theme that will bring life-coaching tools and tips for each week. It’s structured by zodiac sign and tracks how the sun’s movements can affect every sign’s energies on each day.

Shop it here for $14.95 (down from $29.99).

The Birthdate Book, $136

The Birthdate Book is one of many great gift ideas for an astrology lover
Image: Birthdate Co.

The Birthdate Book is a fully-personalised reading of your unique birth chart that shows more than just your astrological sign. This special gift idea comes with a foil-stamped cover with your name, birthdate and over 70 pages of horoscope readings and interpretations. It also includes a map of the stars and planets from the exact moment the dust in the universe settled to pause for your birth.

To place the ultimate gift idea for your astrology-loving pal, all you need to do is add The Birthdate Book to your cart, complete your order then wait for The Birthdate Co. to send you a special link so you can customise your purchase.

Shop it here for $136 (down from $164).

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