Coffee Lovers Are Obsessed With This $29 Kmart Item

Coffee Lovers Are Obsessed With This $29 Kmart Item

In 2023, Kmart released a lineup of viral products including dupes of the famous Stanley Tumbler and Dyson Airwap, plus a slew of sellout cleaning appliances that took social media by storm. 

But only a few weeks into 2024 and the discount retailer is already pulling out all stops with even more budget items currently going viral among shoppers. Exhibit A: the Bamboo Cutting Board With Storage.

kmart hack
The $29 item is currently going viral on social media. Image: Kmart Australia.

The $29 item caught the attention of shoppers after one member of the Facebook group Kmart Hacks & Decor posted a picture of the genius way they have integrated the ensemble into their home.

Group member Niki Lattimore, shared pictures of her upgraded wooden unit, whereby she placed a coffee machine and six mugs on top of the wooden unit and filled the three storage drawers below – which she neatly labelled, too – with coffee capsules, tea bags, sugar and instant mocha sachets, to create an organised coffee station. 

“I am liking the new bamboo cutting board with storage drawers as a coffee station,” Lattimore captioned the post.

Shoppers are turning the $29 into a savvy coffee station. Image: Niki Lattimore/Kmart Hacks & Decor Facebook Group.

Only a few days later, the post had received over 900 likes and 140 comments, with other members of the group expressing their amazement at Niki’s genius hack. 

“You, ma’am, are a genius,” one person simply wrote. 

Another person said: “Running to Kmart.”

A third person even mentioned the Kmart unit tops the more expensive one they recently purchased from the popular online marketplace, Amazon.

“You’re joking, kmart has this!? I bought it for like $50-$60 from Amazon months ago. Dammmn.”

The BPA-free Bamboo Cutting Board with Storage also features two different attachments for grating or slicing directly into one of the four storage containers, which Lattimore was simply able to cover up with a lid from one of the containers. 

The Bamboo Cutting Board With Storage comes with graters. Image: Kmart Australia.

But if you did want to make use of this additional feature, a few group members offered a genius way to incorporate the open grater slots into the coffee station. 

“If you removed a row of mugs and took out the bit where the grater goes, you could use it as a small bin for the used capsules,” one creative member suggested.

Another person proposed that the feature would turn the station into a savvy composting system. 

“Ooooh and if the grater bit can be removed and the container lid fits, you could use that end one for saving tea bags for the garden, or for putting all the little tidbits of rubbish and then dump it when full.” 

Image: Niki Lattimore/Kmart Hacks & Decor Facebook Group.

Aside from the savvy budget item having multiple uses in the kitchen, it can also be integrated into practically any room in your home. For example, place one in your home office as a stationery holder and laptop stand or laundry for storing pegs and detergent, which other group members have suggested. 

Regardless of what you use it for, it sure is another inexpensive Kmart item that will undoubtedly make your life a whole lot more organised this year.

Lead Image Credit: Kmart

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