SBS Has an Entire Library of Horny Shows and Movies – Do With That Information What You Will

SBS Has an Entire Library of Horny Shows and Movies – Do With That Information What You Will

As you may already know, SBS released a sexy eight-part anthology series titled Erotic Stories in 2023, and the show received a fair bit of attention. With mostly positive reviews, and many people discussing the spicy series after its debut at SXSW Sydney, you could say Erotic Stories certainly turned heads.

The series was described with the following synopsis, “Erotic Stories is a bold and transgressive anthology series exploring sex and intimacy amongst diverse characters not traditionally seen as sexual leads”. Sounds like a good time, no?

Now, if you watched the series (or plan to) and are looking for more sensual watching, we’re here to inform you that there is an entire catalogue of sexy watching on SBS On Demand titled ‘Get a Room’.

Whether you’re incredibly familiar with the content collection, or you’re hearing about it for the first time, we felt it was worth spotlighting that the platform has purposefully curated horny watching for you in one neat category. This is a pretty unique offering. If you think about most other streaming services, while they may air steamy content, those titles are folded into other categories like Romance or Drama. Technically, it seems that Netflix has secret codes for ‘intimate’ titles and ‘steamy romance’, but again, it’s not openly listed as one of the watching categories like you’ll find with SBS On Demand. In fact, off the back of the launch of Erotic Stories, it seems SBS is leaning even further into spicy watching with a category titled ‘Even More Erotic Stories’.

Even More Erotic Stories invites folks who are “Loving our groundbreaking new series Erotic Stories” to continue the sensual journey with “the best erotic cinema and series”. Get a Room, on the other hand, is intended to “set your pulse racing with a mature-minded selection of international tales of human sexuality”.

Being SBS, the catalogues also include titles from a range of countries and in a variety of languages – nice!

With titles like Closer and Shame, along with loads of other shows and films of varying notoriety, Get a Room is pretty stacked if you’re keen to find something spicy to watch. Do with that information what you will.

Lead Image Credit: SBS On Demand/Fox

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