You Need to Try These Netflix Secret Codes

You Need to Try These Netflix Secret Codes

There’s something exciting about a secret menu. It’s that knowledge that you know some insider information that others might not, and maybe that gives you some sort of advantage. Well, the same can be said for Netflix, which, if you didn’t know, has a bunch of secret codes you can play around with.

Now, Netflix’s secret codes have been pretty well documented up until this point, so they might not be as secret as they once were. However, what you might not have known is that new codes are being added to Netflix all the time.

As per a blog on Tudum earlier this year, Netflix’s secret category codes date back to the very early days of the company and now span a list of over 36,000 different options.

How do Netflix’s secret codes work?

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If you’re new to Netflix’s category codes, allow us to spill the secrets. To check them out, all you need to do is first have a Netflix account, then open Netflix on your web browser, type in “” and then add the ID code of your choice at the end.

Hitting enter will bring you up with some very specific search results, helping you browse through Netflix’s extensive catalogue and find the niche of your choice.

Note that this is for browser use only and won’t work on your Netflix apps.

What are some of the best codes to check out?

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According to Tudum, new Netflix codes are added “whenever inspiration strikes” meaning new ones show up all the time. Some themes, like Human Connections, popped up due to the melancholy folks felt during COVID, while others are timed around a holiday or celebration.

Here are some of the latest and greatest secret Netflix codes you can check out now, as recommended by Netflix’s curators:

  • 90-Minute Movies – 81466194
  • 30-Minute laughs – 81602050
  • Binge-Worthy British Crime TV Shows – 1192582
  • Chosen Family – 81231348
  • Cyberpunk – 1964512
  • Dystopian Futures – 2299461
  • Don’t Watch Hungry – 3272152
  • Family Movie Night – 2013975
  • Gal-Pal TV Shows – 1143288
  • High Brow Horror – 3261672
  • Irreverent TV Comedies – 75480
  • K-Dramas for Beginners – 2953105
  • Movies Directed by Women – 2974953
  • Pop Culture Icons – 81278963
  • Reluctant Adults – 3053870
  • Relentless Crime Thrillers – 81226732
  • Schemers & Scammers – 81493295
  • Small Town Charm – 81615585
  • Supernatural Soaps – 81238162
  • Swipe Right – 81582488
  • Take a Trip Around the World – 81282911
  • Team Players – 2752022
  • Totally Awesome ’80s – 2314106
  • Watch in One Weekend – 3182735

There are also some more general Netflix secret codes that are worth knowing about, such as:

  • Your full Continue Watching page:
  • Hidden gems for you:
  • A list of what’s currently trending on Netflix:
  • New and popular (displays the top 10 on Netflix and what’s coming soon):

If you’re obsessed with one particular show and are looking for more, another useful Netflix code is to find titles that are similar. You can do this by finding the series ID of the show you like (which is the number in the browser URL while on the landing page of said show) and then typing in: series Netflix ID)

There really is a secret Netflix code for everything.

Have you found any good ones during your time on Netflix? Shout them out in the comments so others can check them out.


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