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The World Cup kicks off on Friday morning, and for once there's a very clear choice if you want to watch it online. Here's how to get your soccer fix on the screen of your choice


SBS's popular TV on-demand app is now available on Android, but there's a slight catch: for the time being, it can only be downloaded from the Samsung Apps store which means you'll need a Samsung device to get your hands on it.


We feel virtuous when we send our electronics to be recycled rather than just dumping them, but what guarantees do we have that they're actually disposed off responsibly? A report on SBS' Dateline suggests that some Australian TVs and other unwanted goods are being illegally dumped in Ghana rather than carefully recycled.


Last week, SBS upgraded its digital transmitters around the country. The practical consequence? The station can now differentiate its broadcasts for different regional areas, offers full 720p resolution on its HD channel and now has a seven-day EPG. The downside? You might need to retune your set-top box, digital TV or PVR/media centre software to match the new requirements. If your equipment gives you grief in this respect, the SBS how-to linked below has contact details for most TV manufacturers.
SBS Digital Upgrade


We're on the home straight (sorry couldn't resist). With just 3 sleeps to go until Top Gear Australia graces our screens, another sneak peek has hit You Tube. If the preview is any indication, the local version of the popular UK program should make for entertaining viewing.