3 Signs Your Marriage Won’t Last, According to a Wedding Photographer

3 Signs Your Marriage Won’t Last, According to a Wedding Photographer

We’re gathered here today to talk about divorce, babes, divorce. While it is our deepest wish that every romantic union continues to thrive and grow until the end of time, the unfortunate reality is that some marriages will not work out. And folks in the wedding industry know this all too well.

As our pals at Pedestrian TV reported a while back, TikTok creator and photographer Shayla Herrington (@shaylamherrington) has highlighted three key signs that a marriage is likely doomed.

She got these tips from another wedding photographer with 10-15 years of experience under their belt. So, it’s safe to say they’ve been around a few marriages.

Here’s what Herrington had to say.

Signs a marriage won’t last, according to a wedding photographer

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Red flags that suggest your marriage won’t last. Image: Netflix

1. A spouse taking photos without their partner

“The first indicator is one of the spouses will take like, more than three family photos without the other spouse. This one kind of makes sense to me just because you know, you might get a few alone with your mum and dad, but to kick them out of more than three photos just seems a little suspicious,” Herrington said.

After all, the wedding day is in celebration of your partnership – leaving your spouse out of the photographs of the event does read as a little odd. The marriage ahead is likely going to be similar.

2. Speeches that leave out one of the spouses

Interestingly, the second point Herrington highlighted was that if groomsmen or bridesmaids leave out mentions of a spouse in their wedding speeches, it’s usually a red flag.

“The second indicator is the bridesmaids or the groomsmen will avoid talking about the spouse when they’re getting ready or doing toast or anything,” she said.

“That’s typically because they don’t like them.”


3. Not spending time with your actual spouse at the wedding

I mean. You just married this person. If you don’t want to spend time with your partner at your literal wedding, how healthy can your relationship be?

Herrington said, “the last indicator is one of the spouses will spend more time with friends or family at the reception rather than their spouse”.

There’s a pretty clear issue at hand if that’s happening.

If you’d like to watch the full marriage red flags video, you can do so below:

In the end, all relationships are different, and only the people within the actual partnerships will know what works for them, right? But if there are signs of trouble you can address, it’s probably a good idea to take an honest look at them and see what the most appropriate next steps are.

And if that involves splitting, we have a breakup playlist ready for you.

This article has been updated since its original publish date. 

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