5 Reality Shows That Are Weird As Hell

5 Reality Shows That Are Weird As Hell

Reality television is my genre of choice.

I’ve seen a fair chunk of the shows on the reality TV smorgasbord, and while some would say that’s an accolade I shouldn’t be proud of, I choose to believe the opposite. Why? Because without that I simply wouldn’t have a personality. 

Anyway, with all of this being said, I do get slightly butt-hurt when finding out about reality TV shows that I not only haven’t watched, but that I haven’t even heard of

So please, brace yourself for all of these bonkers reality shows that actually exist. You and the future of your personality are welcome.

Summer Camp

For many years of my teenage and adult life, I was angry I never experienced the great American tradition of summer camps. Good thing there’s a reality show that I can experience it vicariously through, huh?

Imagine Survivor but if it was set at a lakeside retreat with classic summer camp games instead. And trust me when I say, locations matter — there’s nothing like a trip down memory lane to make you act like a chaotic teenager all over again. 

Translation? Hook-ups and silly, childish behaviour will ensure the $250,000 prize at the end is harder than ever to achieve. 

You can catch it on PEDESTRIAN TELEVISION for free from December 12. 

Release The Hounds

You know those competition shows where you watch someone competing and you’re like, ‘I could never’? Release The Hounds is clearly full of these people.

Contestants face trials in a forest at dusk, where they become scared and scattered, before dogs come in. If they can outrun the dogs in their new mental state then they win money. That is both weird and fantastic and a nightmare that I have to watch.

Who in their right mind would play that, you ask? Oh just your usuals — like Charlotte Crosby and Joey Essex. It’s I’m A Celebrity… meets a horror film of your choice.

You can catch it on PEDESTRIAN TELEVISION for free. 

Murder House Flip

It’s what it says on the tin, people! 

Murder House Flip combines your love of house flipping with true crime. How? By giving you a show where people renovate houses no one wants to live in after someone was murdered in them.

Obsessed. I don’t think I need to even sell it to you anymore because the idea itself is genius. I want to know what happened in this house and if your renovations can make me forget that. Let’s do it!

Seriously, this is my type of television show. 

You can catch it on PEDESTRIAN TELEVISION for free. 

The Joker’s Wild

Did you know that Snoop Dog hosted a competition show? Neither! But, much like me, ya do now.

Featuring guests like Aubrey Plaza, Seth Rogen, Karlie Kloss, Kelly Osbourne, Cheech & Chong, Adam Devine, Wiz Khalifa, Ice Cube, Xhibit and more, Snoop Dog invites friends to compete in his very own casino.

Feels like one of those ‘you have to watch it to get it’ ones and I’m not mad about carving out time to do that. I think I have 30 mins free at 4:20pm tomorrow.

You can catch it on PEDESTRIAN TELEVISION for free. 


You know what I love about British people? They’ll make a show out of anything. As long as there are abs, there’s a show to be made, right?

Bromans is basically Love Island only set in a makeshift Ancient Rome, where eight lads battle it out gladiator style to make it through to the Emperor’s Games and take home 10,000 pounds.

They take part in challenges and their girlfriends help with prep and training. The couples also do activities such as wine-making and sculpting while wearing classic Roman Empire get-ups.

Sounds normal!

You can catch it on PEDESTRIAN TELEVISION for free. 

You can watch these cooked shows and more on PEDESTRIAN TELEVISION: Streaming chaos, 24/7 on 9Now.

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