9 Foods People Only Pretend to Like, According to Reddit

9 Foods People Only Pretend to Like, According to Reddit

Reddit is a place people often go to share their real opinions, and it’s given us some interesting insights in the past. A popular Reddit thread that has been recircling recently brings up the question: what foods do you swear people only pretend to like?

Foods that people pretend to like, according to Reddit

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We’ve all been there. You’re stuck with a set menu at dinner; you’ve heard rave reviews about a certain dish and want to fit in; your date has cooked you a meal they’re proud of, and you’re too scared to tell them you don’t like it. There are endless reasons you might pretend to enjoy a food item, but deep down, you’d rather spit it out.

This Reddit thread, which has 37,000 comments and counting, has a few ideas, so let’s take a look at the top foods people pretend to enjoy.


According to Reddit user u/thenebulai3, no one can possibly like the taste of the sugar substitute that is Stevia.

“There’s absolutely no way someone enjoys that aftertaste. It’s a weird cult that I’m not willing to join and such a dominant flavor (sic).”


u/yourusernameistaken claimed that caviar is way too salty for anyone to enjoy. However, they also added a helpful tip that may change that, saying you should eat your caviar with a spoon that is not made from metal, as this causes a chemical reaction and alters the flavour.


“Vodka tastes like the walls of a hospital,” according to Reddit user u/bravo90. Look hard to disagree there, but it gets the job done.


u/Jenkies89 called out people who claim to like grapefruit but then “dump enough sugar on it to lose a foot”.

Another user added that grapefruit tastes much better after removing the skin, separating the segments and peeling off the white bits, making it taste less bitter.

Spicy foods

This one is sure to rub a lot of people the wrong way, but Reddit u/RadiantHC can’t understand those who enjoy hell-fire hot foods.

“I get liking a little bit of spice. But I don’t see how it’s enjoyable when your mouth is literally on fire.”

They’re not wrong, but at least it’s given us Hot Ones.

Overnight Oats

1,900 people upvoted u/REidson89’s suggestion of overnight oats, saying, “It’s what I imagine prison food to be like; sloppy and cold.” They also added that “no topping makes this true”.


u/MissLethia kept it simple by saying, “Oysters. Revolting,” which was upvoted by 1.3K users.

It’s true that oysters are a divisive food. Some love them in all shapes and forms, and others can only stomach them when they’re baked with bacon and inundated with other flavours.

Raisin cookies

One Reddit user (u/Appropriate-Exit904) started a hot debate when they suggested any cookie that contains raisins. “They are an insult to chocolate chip cookies.”

Others said they would forever support oatmeal raisin cookies, so choose your fighter.

Sparkling Water

Lastly, we come to the still vs sparkling divide. As Reddit user u/Literally_P proclaims, “People are like, ‘Oh yeah I liked it.’ But on the inside it’s just AAAAAAAAAA.”

A fair argument.

Do you agree or disagree with the foods on this list? If you have other suggestions, feel free to put them in the comments below.

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