You’ll Never Eat Macca’s Hot Chips the Same Way After Seeing This TikTok Hack

You’ll Never Eat Macca’s Hot Chips the Same Way After Seeing This TikTok Hack

Not to be dramatic, but one of the most frustrating things in life is trying to devour your McDonald’s hot chips while driving. You exit that drive-thru full of excitement as you inhale the scent of fried goodness wafting from your warm paper bag. But that joy is slowly turned into pure annoyance as you become aware you must blindly search around your bag for a few fries every couple of seconds. It’s either this or taking the box out and risking spilling them everywhere. 

Not only is this extremely distracting to do while driving (read: unsafe, don’t do it), but no one wants to end up with a greasy car.

So, what if we told you there’s a simple hack that allows you to safely eat your hot chips with absolute ease? Well, TikTok user Tommy Winkler has come up with an answer that’ll solve your complicated problem. 

In a recent video, the food influencer shared a video of himself ordering a large hot chips at a McDonald’s drive-thru and requesting that it be placed in a big cup instead of a normal fry box. 

He’s then handed his order, which he snuggly places into his car’s cupholder for easy, mess-free access. 

Mcdonalds chips
McDonalds chips hack. Image: TikTok @tommywinkler

The video has received over 3.6 million views and 300k likes, with hundreds of people expressing their excitement to try the McDonald’s hack out. 

“Give this guy a Nobel Peace Prize for Physics,” one person wrote. 

Another person commented, “By God, we’ve been eating friends the wrong way all along.” 

A third user said: “So smart that I’ll have to try it.”

McDonalds chips hack
McDonalds chips hack. Image: TikTok @tommywinkler

Although the video showed the hack being used for McDonald’s chips, you can definitely use it at any fast food chain. You’re welcome.

If you want more Macca’s hacks, check out our DIY hashbrowns sandwich TikTok here, or read about the menu items staff members refuse to eat here.  

Oh, and if you’re wondering about how legal it is to eat in the car, the general rule here is that as long as your snacking does not impact your ability to control the car, you’re all good.

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