ALDI’s Snow Gear Sale Is Back, and Has Everything From $60 Jackets to a $10 Sled

ALDI’s Snow Gear Sale Is Back, and Has Everything From $60 Jackets to a $10 Sled

ALDI is home to many popular sales, particularly when it comes to its legendary Special Buys range. But its snow gear sale has to be one of the most renowned.

We don’t get a lot of snow in Australia, but that doesn’t stop us from packing our bags and heading up a mountain for some snowball fights, or popping over to our neighbours in New Zealand to make use of their legendary ski slopes.

The problem is, forking out hundreds of dollars for snow gear you’re going to use once or twice a year is expensive. That’s where ALDI’s snow gear sale comes in.

Each year, the Snow Gear Special Buys promotion sees an incredible response from shoppers. And it’s not hard to see why. The sale offers a range of warm winter wear for snowy conditions at very affordable prices, plus a sled for $10 – what a bargain!

This year’s snow gear sale will kick off at ALDI stores across the country on Saturday, May 20.

What’s included in ALDI’s Snow Gear sale?

ALDI snow sale special buys
Image: ALDI

Now, the important stuff. What can you get your hands on in this winter sale?

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Adult Premium ski shell jackets – $119.99
  • Adult Premium ski shell pants – $99.99
  • Adult’s Premium ski gloves – $34.99
  • Touchscreen gloves – $9.99
  • Adult Ski Jackets – $59.99
  • Adult Ski Pants – $49.99
  • Adult’s thermal underwear set – $34.99
  • Adult’s Merino long sleeve quarter zip top – $39.99
  • Adult’s wool ski socks – $9.99
  • Adult’s Ski goggles – $15.99
  • Adult’s knitted beanie, snood, or scarf – $6.99 ea
  • Adult’s Thermoboots – $29.99
  • Adult ski fleece twosies set – $19.99
  • Children’s Snow jackets – $39.99
  • Children’s Snow pants – $29.99
  • Children’s Ski thermal underwear set – $16.99
  • Children’s Merino Long Sleeve Top – $29.99
  • Children’s Ski goggles – $15.99
  • Children’s Snow gloves or mittens – $11.99 ea
  • Children’s Thermoboots – $19.99
  • Children’s knitted beanie, scarf or neckwarmer – $6.99 ea
  • Children’s ski helmet – $24.99
  • Children’s ski fleece twosies set – $14.99
  • Single Rider Snow sled – $9.99

There’s some great stuff on offer here, including touchscreen gloves which are essential if you want to ski with your smartphone nowadays. Plus, nothing here will break the bank. You can even cover winter wear for a family of four for under $1,000.

It’s worth noting that ALDI Australia has shared some fan tips ahead of the major sale date. Folks have advised you get there early (there will be a line), and that you consider shopping either a size up or down depending on the item (confusing, we know – maybe just take a good look or try sizes out first).

You can check out the full catalogue when it goes live on ALDI’s Special Buys page. Just make sure you check that your local ALDI has stock before heading into the chaos on May 20.

This article has been updated since its original publish date.


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