The Best Way To Keep Your Tomatoes Super Fresh

The Best Way To Keep Your Tomatoes Super Fresh

One of my favourite snacks is tomato sandwiches – yes, just tomato – which is a deceptively simple and vastly underrated lunch. However, I can get a little overzealous, and end up with a few too many tomatoes after a trip to the grocery store. Luckily, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt of Serious Eats has a few ways to keep my favourite vegetable (or berry, if you insist) super fresh.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”” title=”How To Be Properly Pedantic About Fruits And Vegetables” excerpt=”If you think you’re a smartypants because you know a tomato is a fruit, buckle up. You’re right, but a tomato is also a vegetable. And rice is a fruit. And some of the things you think are fruits — strawberries, for example — aren’t actually what they seem.”]

The secret to keeping your tomatoes fresh

As Kenji explains in the link below, most of a tomato’s moisture escapes from the stem, and storing them upside down on a flat surface can help prevent this. This is a great tip if you have enough room in your fridge for a whole plate of ‘maters, but not everyone does.

Don’t fret — there’s a quick fix. Just cover the stem with a bit of tape, making sure you remove any leafy bits first. The tape will prevent the loss of precious moisture, and keep your toms firm, plump and juicy, until you’re ready for your next tomato sandwich.

Want Juicier Tomatoes? Store Them Upside Down [Serious Eats]

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If you want more produce freshness hacks, check out this write-up on avocadoes next – because lord knows those things are fussy at the best of times.

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