Duolingo Teaches You A New Language

Android/iOS: Language tools site Duolingo is one of the best approaches for learning a new language. Today the company has rolled out a much-requested Android app in addition to its iPhone app. Now you can keep up your language learning wherever you are.

Duolingo can teach you Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and Italian (as well as English from most of those languages). It uses timed practice drills, with images and sounds, to help you learn your chosen language and motivates you with points and other game-like achievements. The mobile apps sync with your web-based profile, so you can pick up your training from where you left off.

The free (and ad-free) apps provide university-level language training, with about 34 hours of using the app the equivalent of 11 weeks of studying at university.

Download Duolingo from the app store of your choice.

Duolingo (Free) [Google Play]

Duolingo (Free) [iTunes App Store]


    Looks like it could be interesting, shame there's no support for droid tablets yet

    Be aware that the its Brazilian Portuguese, not native Portuguese. The pronunciation is very different at times.

    I find it to be great practice if you're already learning a language. I'm doing 3rd-year French at uni, but my vocab leaves a little to be desired, so this is a good way to patch up that shortcoming.

    I haven't tried it for a language from scratch, but I'm inclined to give Spanish a go at the end of the year, when I've finished all of my French units.

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