All the Ways You Can Clean With a Squeegee (but Aren’t)

All the Ways You Can Clean With a Squeegee (but Aren’t)

Squeegees are so much cooler than we give them credit for. If you don’t have a little one for cleaning your mirrors and windows, go get one now. Once you’ve got one, congrats: You just unlocked a world of new cleaning opportunities. Here are some bonus ways you can spruce up your home with that bad boy.

Wipe your shower after every use

My boyfriend keeps a little squeegee on a hook in the shower and insists on wiping the glass after each rinse. Did I ridicule this when it started? Sure I did. Was he on to something anyway? Yes, he was. Per, taking 30 seconds to do this every day greatly reduces the moisture in the shower, which in turn reduces how often and how hard you have to really clean the glass. There’s just less of an opportunity for mould and mildew to form and the glass always looks clear.

Easily grab up pet hair

There are tools designed to scrape pet hair off of carpets and upholstery, but if you have a little squeegee, you don’t really need one. According to the Gluesticks & Gumdrops blog, these devices work excellently to pull lint and hair off your soft surfaces so you can pile it up, then vacuum it. Need further proof? Look at the photo a Redditor posted of the pet hair they were able to get out of their carpet with a single squeegee session.

Sweep up glass and other debris

The same blog shared another ingenious idea: Instead of using a broom to pick up glass the next time you break something, use your squeegee. There’s no chance of little slivers slipping through holes in the bristles if you aren’t using bristles at all. Squeegee all the bits into the dust pan for a safe, easy solution to an otherwise risky mess.

Clean counters quickly

Depending on what your counter is made out of, cleaning spills in a timely manner is pretty important. Granite and marble, for instance, are porous, so spills sink in fast — and some countertops have a sealant that can be degraded by long exposure to chemicals. Quickly remove spills by using your squeegee to preserve their life and looks.

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