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Dear Lifehacker, My bathroom at home currently has one of those heat-lamp and light fixtures with an inbuilt vent. The light in the center has died! How do I go about changing this? Where do I buy a new lightbulb that will fit in that? I am completely new to it and have zero experience changing lightbulbs.


Even in well-organised bathrooms, it never hurts to have a little more storage. The folks at The Family Handyman have a few ideas that offer room for toothbrushes, curling irons or razors, and all you need is a little PVC pipe.


Cleaning up after a shave is a right pain in the bum. No matter how rigorously I rinse and wipe, there are always a few stray hairs that escape my notice (invariably to the vast annoyance of my wife). If you regularly find yourself in the same hairy predicament, here's a foolproof "hack" that will help to keep your sink sparkly-clean.


A man in the US has attempted to "fizz the grime away" by taking a dip in over 300 cans of Pepsi. For reasons that deeply disturb me, I felt compelled to work out how much this carbonated bath would actually cost -- possibly so I can replicate it for a future Lifehacker article.


Humans are generally considered to be the most intelligent species on Earth. And yet, we choose to store our toothbrushes in the same room we shower and defecate in. What's that all about eh? Here's a quick tip that should cut down on the amount of body grime and fecal matter that you (unwillingly) stick in your mouth...


CLOO is a service designed to help city dwellers make some spare cash by renting out their bathrooms to people who are desperate to find a clean place to pee. Hey, times are tough, and, where there's a need, there's a market.


Most luxury body scrubs are simply salt or sugar blended with moisturizers. Why spend big bucks on something with such a simple recipe? Culinary blog TheKitchn took the principle ingredients from several DIY body scrub recipes floating around and put them to the test. They tried various mixtures of olive and essential oil blended with brown sugar, granulated sugar, and sea salt. Their findings? We preferred the granulated sugar mixture. It felt like smooth sand and provided good exfoliation without being too harsh. The brown sugar was clumpy and brown (lemony yellow seemed more aesthetically pleasing). The salt was too abrasive for our skin, although it would be great for calloused heels.

For more information about making and refining your own scrubs, including olive oil selection and mixing ratios, check out the full write-up. If you have your own tips for getting a posh spa treatment with a cold shower budget, sound off in the comments below. Personal Care Kitchen: How to Make Homemade Body Scrubs


The Gomestic blog has a nifty idea for households where bars of soap get used up until they're just little bits that stick around. Grab a busted pair of pantyhose, and then:Cut the legs off and use (the remainder) to keep all those odd bits of soap that tend to get left in the bathroom. Tie the end and keep it beside the sink for hand washing.So you're in effect making a DIY loofah for your hands. My house always seems to get hand-crafted soaps around the holiday season, and this is a great way to ensure they see actual use—and see what they all smell like together, also. For more MacGyver-type pantyhose uses, hit the link for 19 more ideas, or try buffing nicked candles and keeping onions fresh. 20 Extraordinary Uses for Old Pantyhose