8 Cleaning Products TikTok Absolutely Loves

8 Cleaning Products TikTok Absolutely Loves

Whether you get your tidying inspo from CleanTok influencers, Pinterest, or the stuff your aunt shares on Facebook, a lot of home advice these days is viral. Sometimes, the viral content is about methodology, but other times, it centres on specific products and tools. Here are some of the most viral cleaning tools, as well as what they’re used for, where you can get them, and how you can save money when you don’t need a specific brand.

Spin mops

TikTokkers love spin mops. There are a few varieties, but the main appeal is that the mops can spin rapidly in the buckets, so they’re not as wet when they hit the floor. Some of these mops come with a two-chamber system that enables users to keep dirty and clean water separate.

Pet hair removers

There’s something satisfying about watching videos of people systematically remove pet hair from their carpets and couches, which is probably why those are so popular. But if pet hair is a real problem for you, the purchase of a special tool for removing it might be more about necessity than ASMR brain tingles.

Scrub Daddy

Yes, a Scrub Daddy is just a scrubber — but it has legions of fans. The cheery-looking sponge is rough and makes scrubbing a breeze, plus there are a bunch of hacks floating around the fan community. (For instance, run your knives through the mouth of the smiley face to quickly clean them without cutting yourself.)

Drill brush scrubbers

Scrubber attachments for your power drill are an exciting addition to your cleaning arsenal, even if they seem silly. TikTokkers do point out it’s mostly useful if you have issues scrubbing manually and doesn’t do much that you couldn’t do yourself if you’re capable, but it’s sort of fun anyway.

Soap-dispensing brushes

CleanTokkers love soap-dispensing brushes not just for dishes, but for all kinds of home scrubbings. One hack that is frequently recommended (including by us) is just keeping one in your shower and using it to wipe down your tiles and crevices while you’re in there sudsing yourself.

Drain snakes

Like those pimple-popping videos we were all watching in 2016 (don’t lie), there is an appeal to watching someone haul hair and product gunk out of their drain with a long, spiked tool. You might see some influencers recommend a certain brand. Do not listen to them. You can get a perfectly acceptable drain snake at any dollar store.

Keurig cleaning pods

We’ve always recommended using vinegar to clean your coffee pot, but if you want a brand-name, ready-made solution, you can try Keurig pods designed to clean the inside of your machine.

Mini desk vacuums

One item that has gone truly viral is the mini desk vacuum. This is one of those things that absolutely does not need to be name-brand and you can find from a variety of sellers online, but they’re all around that price point. It only picks up little things, like crumbs, but makes desk cleaning sort of fun and beats the hell out of just sweeping it all into your hand.


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