How to Find Your Year in Review on Instagram, Spotify, Playstation & More

How to Find Your Year in Review on Instagram, Spotify, Playstation & More

There’s always some joy to be found in reflecting on the year that was. You can learn a lot about your past 12 months based on what you watched, listened to or posted and nowadays there are plenty of apps we rely on that can compile that data for you. If you’ve already deconstructed your Spotify Wrapped and are ready to find out what other habits you formed this year, here’s how to access your year in review on Instagram, Snapchat and more.

Apps with end-of-year statistics

Instagram Recap Reel

Starting with social media apps, Instagram Playback debuted last year, bringing users a highlight reel of their stories and top posts from the year. This year the year in review has been renamed to Instagram Recap Reel.

To find it you’ll see a banner at the top of your feed marked ‘create your 2022 recap reel’. Once you tap ‘get started’ you’ll have a number of customisable templates for your end-of-year video.

If the banner doesn’t appear try going to the reels section and using one of the templates there to get a year in review video from Instagram.

Instagram has actually given users a lot of control over their recap reels. You’re able to not only choose a template but you have control over the 15 clips you want featured in the reel.

Spotify Wrapped

Image: Spotify

Possibly the most anticipated end-of-year stats are revealed in Spotify Wrapped.

This year’s Wrapped results included a new ‘Listening Personality’ function on top of the traditional top artists, songs and podcasts reveal. If you’re a Spotify listener you can access your Wrapped results now in the app.

Apple Music Replay

For Apple Music users, the streaming app has also come up with its answer to Spotify Wrapped with Apple Music Replay.

The wrap-up lists your top songs, artists, albums, playlists, genres and stations from your listening history within Apple Music. The feature is live now and can be found at this link or in the Apple Music app.

YouTube Music

A third popular music streaming option is YouTube Music, which also offers end-of-year statistics.

The end-of-year recap feature has started rolling out for 2022 and will similarly rundown your top artists, songs, music videos, playlists as well as a new ‘Top Trends’ and ‘Identity’ feature for listeners, in a similar way to Spotify Wrapped.

Check it out in the YouTube app and search for 2022 recap.

PlayStation Wrap-Up

2021 playstation wrap-up
Image: PlayStation

For the gamers out there, PlayStation offers a yearly “wrap-up” feature that examines your top video games of the year.

The feature is available now and will give you information on how many hours you spent gaming on PlayStation, how many games played and your most played games of the year.

Nintendo Switch Year in Review

In 2021 Nintendo launched a Switch Year in Review website to give players more info on their playtime, active months and top games. This has continued in 2022, and players can access their yearly switch data now.

To access this year in review, players will need to visit Nintendo’s website and log in with the same account that they use on their Switch console.

Snapchat Year in Review

Those using Snapchat to send images to friends will be able to access the app’s Year in Review. This feature pulls together your posts into an annual video, walking you through your top moments from the last year.

You’ll find this in the Memories tab, although bear in mind, like everything on Snapchat, it’s only available to view for a limited time.

Letterboxd Year in Review

For film lovers who use the social media movie app Letterboxd, you can also expect a year-in-review feature soon.

Throughout the year as you track, save and log movies you’ve watched or are interested in, Letterboxd will turn this data into a yearly wrap-up featuring the top movies of the year based on the community’s data. Individuals have also typically received their most watched actor and director of the year in a wrap-up email separately.

Expect this to release sometime in January after all 2022 films have had time to release.

Facebook Year Together

For those on Facebook, the Meta app, like Instagram typically offers a year in review feature before the year is done.

In previous years this has included posts with friends, top locations and most-liked posts. When available, the feature usually appears at the top of your feed and Facebook will usually add some neat little animations to make things more exciting for sharing.

Between the listening habits, film logs and social media trends gathered from these apps you should have a pretty good idea of what you did this year. If not, make sure you download a few and start posting for next year’s data.

Are there any apps you want to see end-of-year statistics from? Personally, I’d love and hate to see what my Netflix viewing habits say about me after a year. Let us know in the comments.

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