The Worst Android Apps For Data, Storage And Battery [Infographic]

The Worst Android Apps For Data, Storage And Battery [Infographic]

AVG has released its latest quarterly Android App Performance Report which looks at the worst phone-draining apps on Android devices. This time, there has been a bit of a shakeup, with Facebook knocked off the top perch by a different traffic hog. Here’s an infographic that contains a snapshot of the report’s chief findings.

This quarter, the social networking app Snapchat was found to be the biggest performance killer on the Android platform. Based on data collected from more than 200 million active AVG users, the report found Snapchat to be the worst offender on the Google Play Store thanks to its simultaneous use of the camera, Wi-Fi, mobile data and GPS functionality. The blogging site Tumblr also rose up the ranks and was found to use more data than Netflix and Spotify combined.

When it came to background applications, Samsung was the most guilty, with and the Samsung Security Policy Update (KNOX) both draining Android batteries via constant WiFi updates.

In Australia, the top traffic hogs were as follows:

  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • Google Play Services
  • Messenger
  • Google Play Store
  • Twitter
  • Samsung Security Policy Update
  • CommBank
  • eBay

“The goal of these reports is not to alarm smartphone users, but rather to enable them to make informed choices about the apps they run on a daily basis,” AVG said in a statement. You can check out the global results across the categories of data, storage and battery life in the below infographic:

The full report can be downloaded here.

[Via AVG]


  • I have to force close Facebook everyday. Facebook’s android app developers must be major douches to just let the app sit for so long with “run at startup” as a permission.
    I was hoping that Marshmallow would have allowed me turn this particular permission off, but no.

  • I just uninstalled Facebook app due to frequent freezing and slow erratic performance. I notice that many formerly happy users of the app are now giving it a 1 star rating.

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