3 Destinations You Can Visit That Feel Like They’re Straight Out of Avatar

3 Destinations You Can Visit That Feel Like They’re Straight Out of Avatar

Avatar was released 13 years ago, so it’s sometimes hard to forget the cultural impact it had at the time. Believe me, for a while there, everything was about Avatar. People were painting themselves blue for Halloween and learning Na’vi as a second language. We’re now only a week out from a new Avatar movie (The Way of Water) capturing the conversation and if you find yourself seeking the wonders of Pandora once more, there are a few travel destinations here on Earth that might just do the trick.

There are some obvious places that might come to mind when thinking of Avatar. Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney World in Florida is probably the most faithful recreation you’ll find. But to find some more natural experiences that evoke the Avatar spirit, we consulted the folks at Contiki Australia for suggestions.

Real-world locations you can travel to that will take you to the world of Avatar

Glowworm caves – New Zealand

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There’s a reason so many movies have been filmed in New Zealand – including Avatar: The Way of Water! Although the world you’ll see in the film has been created digitally, the natural wonders of New Zealand really are otherworldly.

“Possibly one of the most magical places you can visit in the world is the Waitomo Glowworm Caves in New Zealand. As you may have guessed, the caves are illuminated with worms that glow, reminiscent of the moment when hundreds of woodsprites lay on Jake Sully and Neytiri and see their mythological importance,” Anne Neville, GM of Marketing at Contiki Australia said.

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Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe

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We don’t quite have the floating mountains of Pandora on Earth (although they were inspired by a real place, Zhangjiajie in China), however, we do have some pretty epic waterfalls that provide a similar sense of wonder.

Neville recommends Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe for this experience, saying “Victoria Falls is commonly known as the greatest waterfall in the world with the capability of plummeting five hundred million gallons of water per second over the basalt cliff edge. The natural beauty earns itself the title as one of Zambia and Zimbabwe’s greatest attractions”

Visiting the falls will no doubt bring back memories of Jake and Neytiri riding atop banshees through the floating mountains of Pandora.

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The Skies of Pandora – Canada

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Bioluminescence is a big theme throughout Avatar. If you want to experience the night sky lit up in brilliant colours, the Northern Lights is undoubtedly the most brilliant way to do it and Canada is one place to see them.

“Experience glowing shades of blue across the sky with the aurora lights, which can be seen in several spots across the world, including Canada. Thought to be one of the very best places to experience the natural phenomena, look no further than Calgary, in Canada. Drive up north to Banff National Park where you’ll get to see beautiful lakes and the Rocky Mountains,” Neville said.

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No doubt there will be even more Pandora-inspired locations to travel to after we see Avatar: The Way of Water on December 15.

There are also plenty of movie-inspired accommodation options out there these days if you want to live your best life like your favourite fictional characters.

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