Why You Should Write More Love Letters

Why You Should Write More Love Letters

This week, during one of my regular meditation sessions, I came across some advice I hadn’t heard before. It was that I should write more love letters.

In one of his Daily Trip meditation sessions on the Calm app, Jeff Warren explained that “Lots of good research shows how writing a love letter or note of gratitude can have these beneficial effects that last for months. Even just imagining writing a letter can have beneficial effects. Plus, it’s fun.”

I hadn’t really considered this before, but when I took a look for myself, I did find that Berkley, Harvard and NPR have all written on the benefits of writing down thoughts of gratitude. And what is a love letter, really, if not giving thanks for a person’s ability to bring joy to your life?

How to write a love letter

If you’ve decided you’d like to give writing a love letter a go, there were a few tips that Warren shared that I think are worth revisiting. First of all, a love letter does not always have to be addressed to a romantic partner (or interest). There are all kinds of love out there, so there are all kinds of love letters, too.

You can pen a note to your sibling, parent, friend or even your pet, Warren suggested. So, don’t be limited by the concept of romantic love; this task is for everyone.

From here, he asked that you picture some specific detail about your love. Stop and remember the details that you are thankful for, then write out something specific. Warren suggested mentioning something you appreciate about this person or pet as an example. But it can be whatever works for you, really. Just keep in mind that this is your chance to tell someone how you really feel about them, and thank them for the positive impact they’ve had on your life.

In doing so, you’ll likely find that you feel far brighter and more aware of the gift of connection this person or pet has given you. Give it a try! If you’d like to do this specific meditation it’s titled How to Write a Love Letter on the Calm app.

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