Lube Up Your Pills With Butter For Easily Swallowing

We've looked at a pharmacist's method for properly swallowing pills, but some are really stubborn and just don't like to go down no matter how hard you try. The solution? Butter.

Instructables user kazmataz suggests that buttering up a difficult pill or two can make all the difference when you're having trouble getting it down. To put this to the test, I buttered up and took these horrible calcium-magnesium supplements I should never have purchased. They are huge and have no coating because they're vegan (thanks a lot, vegans), so the butter made quite the difference. I'm not sure I'd want to regularly lube up my pills with fat, but it's nice to know it's an option when a certain medicine or vitamin is too huge and dry to go down on its own.

Photo by Be.Futureproof.

Tough Pill to Swallow [Instructables]


    Please don't put butter on your pills.

    Besides the problem of picking up greased pills or possibly dropping them on the floor and getting covered in dirt or whatever,.... Eeuuw... just take a mouthful of water tilt your head back and drop them into the pool in your mouth, close mouth, swallow,... No muss, no fuss and best of all you don't have to wash your hands and clean whatever else that got covered in grease! #]

      Oh, and yes! I do take a crap load of pills, so I do have some experience! #]

      yep, discovered the "Gargle-Swallow" method when I was a kid, and had some big pills to swallow, kept gagging on them taking the normal way.
      ps. no you don't have to gargle the water, just position your mouth like you would gargle.

      Use a spoon to avoid dropping them. Yoghurt, custard, jam, honey etc would me more palatable than butter. (I make my living giving drugs to old people!).

    Why not crush 'em up and inhale them through your nose via a rolled up $50, like the rest of us do...?

      Yeah, I think they're talking about an entirely different class of drugs! Heh heh #]

    I'll have to remember that one next time I take my cholesterol pills.

    This is how i take my high blood pressure meds every day

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