Ask LH: What Exactly Are Angel Numbers?

Ask LH: What Exactly Are Angel Numbers?
Contributor: Lindsay Ellefson and Ky Stewart

Have you been seeing digits like 222 and 777 all over your explore page or hearing people mention angel numbers like they’re some casual thing everyone just suddenly knows about? You’re not alone. But what are angel numbers, and what is the meaning behind them?

There is always some new trend cropping up on Instagram or TikTok that, upon further investigation, isn’t very new at all. Angel numbers are one such ‘trend’.

I’m not sure what your TikTok feed looks like, but mine is flooded with tarot card readings, crystal discussions and angel numbers. Can you tell I’m an astrology gal?

But if you’re someone who isn’t in that spiritual world, you’re probably confused about what all of this is. Don’t worry, you can consider this week’s Ask LH your guide to all things angel numbers.

What are angel numbers?

222 and 777 meanings
What are angel numbers? Image: iStock

Have you ever felt like number sequences are following you around? Or that you can’t help but see certain numbers everywhere you look?

Those, my friend, are what people are referring to when they talk about angel numbers.

To help break down what angel numbers are, tarot card reader @NatalieeNamaste explained:

“Angel numbers are divine, recurring numbers or messages that are sent to us from our angels to help guide us. I believe that the angels use numbers to catch our attention in times where we are on the right path or when we need guidance. There are many meanings to all of the angel numbers but the most important message that they all have in common is that our angels are with us and they are guiding us through our life’s journey.”

Basically, angel numbers are number sequences you see frequently or at a specific time in your life. There are usually three or four numbers that repeat.

Where do angel numbers appear?

Most of the time, they will just appear in mundane places, but the digits still manage to catch our attention because it feels special to see those specific number sequences.

Maybe you’ve noticed you often look at the clock at 3:33 or 11:11 for some reason, or you find yourself opening books to page 44 more often than other pages. If the appearance of a number in your life is so persistent that you start to really notice it, you could be finding one of these so-called angel numbers, which you can then interpret like you might a dream or a horoscope.

Sure, to some people, this will just mean literally what it looks like, a sequence of numbers (or, as a colleague has kindly pointed out, a potential case of the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon). But to others, the reason why these numbers catch our attention is that they are believed to be messages from the spiritual realm to guide us with wisdom, clarity and insight.

“There’s a special feeling you get when you become aware of an angel number,” NatalieeNamaste added.

“That’s the reason why some people are gravitating toward wanting to understand the meanings behind the angel numbers that are presented to them.”

Now, like dreams, angel numbers can be interpreted however you want, but there are a few standard interpretations most believers stick to. Let’s look at those.

How do you find your angel number?

I’m sure you’re probably wondering how to find out what your angel number is, but it’s not that simple.

ELLE Australia spoke with Janelle Palibrk, an astrologer, about finding angel numbers. Palibrk noted there’s really no point in trying to search out angel numbers. They are meant to find you, not the other way around.

She suggested that these messages are meant to come to you at particular times in your life. That means that you can’t force the angels (or universe) to give you signs if they aren’t meant for you.

What does seeing an angel number mean?

angel numbers
What do the angel numbers 222 and 777 mean? Image: Lifehacker Australia

While you can’t actively seek out angel numbers, there are a few that have basic meanings attached to them.

“Yes, there are angel numbers that are universally defined, but there are also personal meanings behind these numbers,” explained NatalieeNamaste.

The numbers you should look for right away, she said, are 111 and 555, as “They are both very significant in one’s spiritual journey.”

A little Googling revealed that 111 symbolises good news, abundance, and happiness. Seeing it means you’re about to experience something nice and you should stay open to new possibilities, as per believers. 555, NatalieeNamaste said, “Indicates change and releasing patterns that are not aligning in one’s life and trusting that something better will come.”

NatalieeNamaste believes that as you gain self-awareness in your personal spiritual journey, you’ll start to see more numerical sequences that are meaningful for you. Interpret them as you will.

Angel number 333 could refer to support, and the number 444 is said to indicate protection. Interestingly, 666 is supposedly about reflection, not Satan, which is a pleasant surprise.

What do the angel numbers 222 and 777 mean?

The numbers 222 and 777 are probably some of the most common angel numbers that people see, but what does it mean?

According to numerology, 222 as an angel number represents that the universe is trying to strengthen your faith. Many take it as a sign that they are aligned on their path and headed in the right direction.

The angel number 777 is pretty obviously related to luck, but it also holds meanings of being aware of your higher self and interacting in perfect harmony with the universe. So it’s a very good angel number indeed.

So next time someone asks, ‘What do 222 and 777 mean?’ now you can sound like an expert.

What do the numbers 888 and 999 mean?

The number 8 is special in many cultures because it doesn’t have a definitive end, much like the infinity symbol.

That means that the angel number 888 is incredibly important and one that shouldn’t be ignored as it’s said to carry meanings of wealth, abundance and wisdom.

Many people believe that if you’re seeing 888 often, you’re on the right path. But 999, however, has a different angel number meaning attached to it.

If you see 999, it generally means that you need to take a moment to reflect and look within. The angel number is mostly associated with transformation and being reassured that you are worthy and you are almost at the place you wish to be. It’s similar to the meaning behind 555.

What does 444 mean?

As mentioned, seeing the angel number 444 indicates a sense of protection.

Going deeper, it’s believed that 444 is a sign of encouragement and endurance during challenging times. It serves as a sign to stop worrying because the angels are watching over you.

If you are seeing 444 constantly, it could be a sign that you need to stop stressing about things because a higher spirit is making sure that everything will be sorted.

What does 444 mean in love?

Similarly, if you’re seeing the angel number 444 a lot while you’re in a relationship or manifesting one, it relates to protection. Much like it does in general, it means that the angels are helping guide you through your relationship.

Essentially, it means that good things are coming your way, and you’re on the right track.

angel numbers tarot cards
Many consider angel numbers to be spiritual messages. Image: Getty

What can you do with this new information?

Even if you think this stuff is super hokey and definitely not divine, do try to be open to daily reminders that you’re cared for and on the right track. If a sequence of numbers helps you remember you’re doing well and are heading for big things, great!

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if the angel numbers come from heavenly beings or your own brain. What matters is what you get out of seeing them.

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