Ask LH Your Burning Questions About Life and We’ll Answer Them

Ask LH Your Burning Questions About Life and We’ll Answer Them

If you’ve ever spent time on the Lifehacker Australia website, you’ll know that we have a regular column called Ask Lifehacker where we answer any burning questions people might have. These questions can be in relation to anything from sex, life, health, food or even politics.

That’s where you, our lovely Lifehacker Australia audience, come in. We want to know what questions you have!

If you’ve ever stopped to think, “What actually makes cheese smell?” or “What is a UTI?” now’s the time to ask us.

We know there are some weird, wacky and wonderful questions floating around in your heads and we want to help you find the answers you deserve.

Think of Ask LH as a place you can ask all your awkward and somewhat weird questions you might be too scared to ask your friends or too ashamed to type into Google.

We will answer your questions without judgement (except when it comes to your pillow preferences) so there’s really no question too silly.

If you need some previous examples of past Ask LH, here’s one about if chamomile tea can calm you down and another one about the right way to store tomato sauce. See the versatility? There’s really no limit.

Obviously, some questions don’t have readily available answers like “What’s the meaning of life?” So, save those types of questions for your next existential shower.

We’ve created a little form for you to fill out down below or follow this link. Oh, and keep in mind that you can remain anonymous – just tell us if you don’t want your name published.

Stay tuned to Lifehacker Australia and we’ll do our best to answer every question you send through!


  • 1.) MY main Question … how do we actually know when we “fall in love”???

    2.) what’s up with comments needing moderation these days prior to being made public … am seeing it is taking 2-4 weeks before a comment is vetted by a mod.
    I know covid and all … but sheesh.

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